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Red Lady Release

I don’t dream much. When I do it’s very mundane – the kind of universal boring dreams which psychologists love – the kind that are full of the classic “can’t get away” or “never reaching” or “being late” type scenarios. They’re dull and un-memorable. Recently I had the most profoundly affecting dream. It was so real […]

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Dowsing | Energy cleansing | Experiment | Ghosts and shades | House Energies book | Other Entities | Spirits

House energies, dark magic and a powerful spell p3

In the previous post I told of how, with a friend, we were in the process of investigating a poltergeist haunting. A fascinating experience in and of itself but as often is with the world of the mysterious our paths take unexpected turns. Expect the unexpected! So I was in the throes of some last-minute dowsing, using […]

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