Quests | Quickie

Glastonbury – A place for seeking beginnings

Over the last 2/3 years Gwas and I have ventured to Glastonbury on numerous occasions. Whether individually or together that place has been a definite experience generator. So it was that one fine Saturday in April 2011 I was heading out to Glastonbury. My main purpose was to meet up with the High Druid Brian […]

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Modern Druidry | News article

November Druid News

In an attempt to appear well-read and topical I have gathereed together a series of news articles that have garnered my interest this month. They are on a wide range of topics, some environmental, some energy-related and some beyond those. Here are some stories that roused my interest this month:- 1. Wi-Fi is killing trees […]

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Wheel of the Year

My Eight-Fold Year – the final four folds

This post is the second half of a post I did after the Summer Solstice. My purpose was to record the eight points in the year because at each of these artificial stages which were roughly aligned to the Celtic or Neo-Pagan calendar I would be seeking a task by communing with Nature. The task would […]

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