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Summer 2015 – P7 – The Light of Brighid”

In the last of my Summer Solstice posts (can you believe we’ve generated so much from one weekend?) we are taken on an escorted tour of a sacred site. We have left David at Fourknocks, but Regina has stayed with us to show us one more site: The Shrine of Brigid at Faughart. We arrived […]

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Energy cleansing | Spirit rescue

Buried alive!

There are some people with whom I have a special connection. Kal is obviously one – whenever we work together or even just at the same location, something interesting, even life-changing, always happens. Another special person is my friend Mike. Mike’s psychic abilities always give a totally different slant on the work we do. Lately […]

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Modern Druidry

Yew Tree Lessons: rebirth and transformation”

This week Kal and I visited a graveyard in the small village of Rhosesmor in North Wales. Kal had been there previously on the recommendation of a friend who had talked of the unusual atmosphere of the place, and how it was surrounded by ancient yew trees. During the visit Kal and I both surveyed […]

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