Hedge philosophy

The Crutch of Orthodoxy

You know a post is serious when there are no pictures! In this post I offer an explanation of how to construct your own theology no less! If you are interested in the foundations of paganism, then read on. We frequently get requests from people who know we write a blog. They say things like, “..but […]

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Crop circle

What I learned from crop circles – Part 2

In the previous companion post to this one (Part 1) I talked about the death of crop circles in 2013, and how the prediction of that phenomenon was one of the major markers on my wayfaring through the magickal world I now inhabit. In the follow up I will be talking about the ways in which […]

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Ancient Sites | Spirit Guides

The Arthurian Earth Energies

In early June Kal and I visited The Druid’s Circle at Penmaenmawr near Conwy. We arrived there in time for sunset, and the western skies filled out with ever-deepening shades of red until the whole sky turned inky-blue as the sun retreated beneath the sea. Before the light around us completely faded I had some work […]

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Emotional content of blogs

Appropriating the phrase that Bruce Lee made famous I am seeking within the small confines of this post to express an idea that is a little reflexive. That is – I want to write about the limitation to the power of the creative media to express the full impact and experience of magickal processes. I was made […]

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