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Summary 2013 – Lessons Learned Pt2

In the second half of my second summary post I’m completing the lessons learned for the remainder of the year – that’s August to December. In this post I talk about the stag energies, energetic balance, death energy and some of the natural magickal techniques that I have been shown this year. August Stag and the Staff […]

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Sitting with The Stag

On my last visit to Delamere Forest I was taken to a specific location after I had run through the forest in a free fashion. Something like this, but the forest trails are a lot more overgrown! The light had gone when I got there and I felt I needed to go back. There was […]

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Finding the Horns of the Stag

I know – a stag’s horns are usually called antlers. I am choosing to use the term ‘stag’s horns’ because those are the words that came to me when I asked for this next quest. “Horn” seems to have more resonance with concepts such as drinking vessels and therefore “grails” too. It makes my work […]

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