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Summer 2015 – P6 – Three Winds

After spending a delightful lunchtime in the company of our Irish hosts Regina and David, we set off again heading for a site which we had visited before – Knockbrach – a hill which we knew had a ‘fort’ on top. David, however, wanted to show us some other structures on the hill that we […]

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Beltane 2015 – Reparations and the Four Stone Circle

We begin this year’s Beltane celebrations with a set of tales that are like ripples in life’s pond. They form concentric circles within each other, being made of the same substance, and affecting each other. So, I start my set of stories with the largest of the ripples – a ripple going back through time […]

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The Initiation of the Yew Staff

July continued to be sunny, hot and dry. We were back from our Solstice outing and among the familiar landscapes either side of Cheshire. In particular Kal and I felt drawn to the Dinas Bran site. Both of us had questions that we hoped to find the answers to, and the walk was always lovely, […]

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Seeing through the Eyes of Bran

Following on from Kal’s strange tale of the disappearing citrine cluster, here is the story of the things that happened to me on Dinas Bran that peculiar evening. As he mentioned I was eager to test out some of the supposed powers that my staff had seemingly acquired. In the event I never got to […]

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More powers of the staff

In a previous post I talked about the recently discovered information concerning my staff. I had discovered that it had acquired some powers courtesy of the Elemental |Masters that I had encountered at Tinkinswood Chamber near Cardiff. After doing a tarot reading I discovered the nature of those powers. To recap those powers were:- Earth […]

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Sickness, Shadows and Swords

As the nights draw in here for the Northern Hemisphere countries our lives begin to change in subtle ways. We lose the lightning power of The Sun in the mornings and evenings. As this power is depleted the changes may even be mirrored in our body chemistry, and consequently in our thought processes. For many […]

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