Natural Magick | Theory

Essential Elements of Natural Magick

I have been re-visiting some of the essential elements of the magickal work that I do. Sometimes when working I forget various parts of these elements that I have found to be essential components to the success of such work. When I forget to employ all five of the elements in the process of doing […]

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Edge Wizardry

What’s in a name?

OK, chastise me if you will, I have been away from this blog for ages. That is not to say that I haven’t been having adventures. Quite the opposite. Many exciting and revealing times continue to pass my way on a almost daily basis. I am going to have a monumental go at catching up […]

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Although I am completely convinced that it is the journey that is important and rarely the destination. I feel also that the journey consists of meeting goals along the way. That said it is perhaps time to wonder what our intent is in journeying along the path we are currently on. From the perspective of […]

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