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The Camelot Oracle

I have a new set of oracular divination cards. I call them this because they’re not really tarot cards in the usual sense. They describe themselves as an Oracle card set and I will go with this description. Especially given that I am going to Delphi soon to see THE Oracle. Seems appropriate that I […]

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March podcast now available

Hi everyone,   This month’s podcast is now available on the Podcast page. This months features the addition of a section discussing how to defend your position with druidry. Let us know what you think –  we’d love to hear from you. Also in this month’s podcast we talk about Kal’s Knight’s Quest, mention where we will […]

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The Shining Ones: re-acquiring ancient knowledge

There have been many wild and fantastic suggestions and theories about the coming of the group known enigmatically as The Shining Ones. Some “theorists” have said that they were so called because they gave off an unearthly light, or that they were extra-terrestrial visitors who came down to give knowledge to the human race to […]

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