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Cailleach, a wand and being knighted

I think it must be the fact that i’m cutting down on my caffeine intake that this afternoon around 3pm I found myself nodding off at work. You know what I mean, right? Where you just can’t keep your eyes open. Fortunately my desk is right at the back of the room and facing away from everyone else so my momentary nap didn’t go noticed.

I say it was momentary, because from the clock on my computer I guessed that it wasn’t more than a few minutes at the most. However during those minutes instead of black slumber I had a, what to call it? Day dream, dream, vision? I’ll leave that up to you.

It was a dark place, that I didn’t recognise although I could see some of the outlines of it. A small cave perhaps but or a darkened room. It was cold but I couldn’t feel it (yes, I know that sounds odd but there it is.)

I knew that there was someone else in this place but initially I couldn’t see who or what it was. Then, either as my eyes got used to the darkness or as a light grew brighter I could see her.

Cailleach, once met never forgotten. I have only encountered her once before at Four Knocks in Ireland where she offered me a chance to become her pupil. Tempting though that offer was. I refused at the time and if I recall correctly she had said that we wouldn’t meet again and yet here she was. In a dream, at work.

“Hello again, student”, she said and smiled.

You know, I read up a bit about Cailleach after my previous encounter and I have to disagree with the press about her. She is an attractive lass I have to say, whose voice just wants to make you obey.

“Hello,” I returned, a bit warily.

She looked me up and down and walked around me. I turned to keep her in front of me. You have to remember this was just like a dream, I wasn’t conscious of being in work or anywhere like that. Which is odd for me, because normally in my dreams I am quite good at knowing that it’s a dream.

As she completed a round-about me she nodded her head, “You’ve done well” she said, “not as good as you could have though.”

“Thanks,” I replied, “I think” I added, I’ve never been good with authority figures. They irk me. “I thought we weren’t going to be meeting again?” I asked.

She shrugged and said something that really startled me, “I thought you said you weren’t going to be my student?” I looked at her and could feel my eyes tighten suspiciously.

“I’m not” I said insistently.

“I’m not going to argue with you, I just popped in to show you something”

Okay, I’m not one for the thee’s and thou’s but honestly I report that word usage exactly because I noted it at the time, she did use the word “popped” what can I say, not exactly Celtic is it?

“Interested?” She added as I was pondering her word usage.

I wasn’t going to turn Cailleach down (again) was I? So I said, yes.

She pointed off behind me and I swear her finger, for just a split second looked clawed, but on second glance was just an ordinary finger. I directed my gaze at where she was pointing…and saw a vision.

A vision within a vision, is that a first?

It was me in some place that I didn’t recognise. It was a huge hall, brightly lit and I was on bended knee with my head lowered. before me was a cloaked person, I couldn’t tell what or who it was, not even if it was male or female. The cloak was red and green and had some kind of emblem on it, like a leaf (alas google reveals nothing).

The figure, took out a wand, not a sword, but a wand and knighted me. Yep the whole left, right, left thing on the shoulders. Then I stood up and was presented with the wand that was used to knight me.

At this point I was shocked out of my dream and the vision within a vision by Cailleach’s voice right in my ear (she must have sneaked up on me). “Go quest!” she had said.

I was back in the realworld staring at my computer…remember Neo at the beginning of the Matrix film? Exactly like that.

I pondered the vision for a long while and coudn’t wait to get home and do some quick dowsing.

  • Was it a dream or a vision? A vision
  • Was it really Cailleach? Yes
  • Even though she had said we wouldn’t meet again? Yes
  • Was she offering me a quest? Yes
  • To become a knight of some kind? Yes
  • Did I have to follow this quest? half/half answer.

These half/half answers are really annoying sometimes. As you may know from previous posts it is when one rod turns and the other doesn’t, we have kind of deduced that it means “you’re half right, but there’s more.” Just to bamboozle me more, I asked…

  • Have I unwittingly been the student of Cailleach? half/half

I’m sorry for such crappy answers and such basic questions. As Gwas and I have both found, it is difficult to get into the intuitive swing of dowsing in one’s mundane apartment/home. We’re just in the habit of doing it at sacred sites.

So, am I going to take up this challenging quest? You betchya!

Now then…”Which way to Mordor, Gandalf?

Kal Malik

Ireland – the Oracle of Dowth

Sorry for the delay in this post, but I honestly thought I had written it already, however when I came to look for it as a reference, alas it was no where to be found. I’m afraid its going to be from memory that is about 6 months old.

Just to set the scene then, we had just visited New Grange and Knowth, where I had a spectacular 3rd eye opening experience and had just walked the couple of miles in lovely sunny May weather to arrive at the rather non-descript (compared to the other two places) mound. The mound is called Dowth and means Darkness.

Gwas was off doing his thing whilst I felt the urge to climb the mound and go and sit on the opposite side to where we had come in to the field. i.e. facing the sun.

Although I was by no means tired in a physical sense, I did feel tired in a energetic sense. Perhaps the experience at Knowth had taken it out of me? I don’t know, but feeling the way I was (and thinking that since this seemed to be the least of the three mounds) I decided to take a time-out for this one.


As I sat there my thoughts un focused and I was transported back in time (and I know this will sound like story telling – but it was so vivid and real…) I was back in a time when people knew what the use of the mounds was, not far from the time of there creation. I saw Dowth as being, perhaps the most important of the mounds. People from across the world came to visit this particular site. But it wasnt the site itself they were interested in it was the person who lived there.

As I saw through time, I knew that an Oracle lived at Dowth and it was her that people came to visit. She would dispense her gift to all who came (and there were queues of people). She sat in an inner chamber, which was lit by sunlight and quite big. The chamber I felt was by the side of the mound and not under it. The woman seer was clothed in ordinary clothing of the time. There was a great sense of peace about the place.

My seeing allowed me to experience one of her readings with her and I knew that she saw like I was seeing her. Again I had a feeling that it wasn’t so much the future that she could see but more like…the wisest course of action. Yes, that sounds right. This is what she gave to her visitors, wisdom in the form of actions to take.

What I thought was odd was that even when her news wasn’t good, the people still felt at peace. Which makes me wonder whether this place, Dowth, was also a place of peaceful energies?

I can’t recall how long I was in the pastfor, but I was given time enough to see many of the daily goings on of people and visited with the Oracle a few times. Of course they didn’t see or interact with me. Oddly the Seer didn’t either and thats curious isn’t it?

In time I returnedfrom my visitation and felt even more tired than before. I am certain that the 3rd Eye experience at Knowth was a catalyst for this vision. I have to say though, it was one of the most “it really happened” visions that i’ve ever had.

Kal Malik – Visiting with Seers

Ireland Caileach and Four Knocks

Since I have some time on my hands thought I would catchup with some really old (half a year) posts. This one is from memory i’m afraid and although vivid, might contain the odd in-accuracy.

Who can tell though, right? Since it concerns my adventures and recollections.

Gwas and I were in the midst of our trip to Ireland (May 2010) and we had just got the keys to access Four Knocks mound.

It was abit of a drizzly morning as we pulled on the road side next to the gate that was a short path away from the mound called FourKnocks.

Whilst Gwas was inside making some preparations for a meditation, I dowsed to find that my work would be done outside. So I dowsed to a location that would be suited and stood (the grass was wet) awaiting some inspiration (or at a push intuition).

There were a couple of horses in the field next to the mound and they came over to the fence to keep me company in my vigil. Nothing happened for a while and then my attention was caught by the cry of some nearby crows.

Have you ever noticed that crows seem to call in bunches of three squawks?

This crow was cawing in groups of four and had me listening to it intently as my mind wandered and was transported to another place. As, almost premonitioned the evening before I was standing with a figure who I knew to be Caileach. You just know her without knowing her, if that makes sense?

Although the exact wording of the conversation escapes me, I know that she asked me whether I would like to be her student. She promised that I would learn many things and though she was a hard teacher, there was none better.

I asked her whether I had time to think about this exotic proposal and she said I had all the time I had at four knocks to make my decision.

What a request! To be a student of Caileach offered so much and yet I had reservations. To be quite honest I was afraid, of commitment, of the dangers, of losing myself to something else.

Also I already had a wonderful teacher in the Ancient Yew.

With these reservations and fears. I rejoined (stop asking me how) Caileach’s world and politely declined. She wasn’t wrathful, phew. But she did say we wouldn’t be meeting again.

At the conclusion of this little two day encounter (see this post) I felt both good and sad. Good that I was able to refuse such a request and sad that perhaps I had lost something special and unique.

Kal Malik – not a student of Caileach

Ireland ~ How the Boyne mounds were made

Ok, fair dues, It has been so long since we returned from Ireland that I am not going to give a blow by blow account of the trip, frankly I couldn’t recall it all. However I still want to relate some of the more salient and interesting points and so here goes…


Setting the scene

On this particular day we had arrived at Knowth and were intending to spend an hour there and then tootle of to Douth, which from all the touristy literature sounded the least exciting of the three main sites in the Boyne valley.

We took the bus from the main entrance to Knowth and the sun was truly favouring us as we wandered around the site exploring the marvelous energies and intuitively divining the use and purpose of the mounds you can see surrounding the main dome. These are described by Gwas in this interesting post.

Just about as the hour was up Gwas and I had separated and I was wandering around the opposite site of the mound to the entrance thinking it was time to go when a pile of bowling ball sized quartz rock crystals caught my eye. As I stared at there white shining surfaces in the sun light I felt an odd sensation.

I can’t recall why I had done it, I certainly had no questions in mind, but suddenly felt the urge to take up a few of the crystals and carry them closer to the mound. Intuitively I pulled out the my rods and asked how I should place them. But as soon as I did I got a call of Gwas to say that the bus was due and that we should go. However I had a real “feeling” about this so I asked him to hold fire because I was on to something.

The rods helped me place the crystals in a pentagram shape and I sat cross legged in the centre facing the sun.

As I mentioned it was quite a warm day and the sun was making my forehead really hot as I sat and tried to meditate. At one point I put my hand on my cheek to see if that was as hot as my forehead. It wasn’t, something else was going on.

A few minutes later I had a vision of white beams of energy coming out of the five crystals placed around me and hitting my forehead. It was as if they were focusing the energy from the sun onto my forehead.

One of the conversations that Gwas and I had been having during our visit to the Boyne was how these massive mounds had been built. We had speculated on mans toil and that it must have taken many years to make.

Now, with these streams of energy “opening” my third-eye chakra I could “see” how they had been made.

In my vision I saw people, sitting around the place where the mound was to be built. Like myself they had crystals placed around them and they too had beams of light being focused on their 3rd eye’s. With this focused power, I saw that they lifted stones with the power of their minds and placed them to create the mound. I also “felt” that it took them around 8 months to build each of the three mounds at Boyne.

As the energy continued to burn into my third eye I could feel that I too could possibly levitate a stone so I looked around the floor for a small pebble to try this on. I found one and focused my mind on trying to life it…nothing! A realise came to me that this wasn’t enough, I lacked the mental discipline those old, what would you call them, priests? had had.

This whole vision lasted only for about 15 minutes before I had to “break it off” I was getting burned out, literally. I moved out of the pentagram and lay in the sun until the heat from my brow had faded and went in search of Gwas to reveal this interesting tale. As I did, I dowsed the veracity of my vision and the rods gave there opinion that it was true.

In my next post I will tell of the profound revelation this “3rd eye opening” had on me at Douth.

Kal Malik

Ireland 2 – A visit by Caileach

We are still on our first day in Ireland, having just landed at the hotel and taken a breather from our long journey through the “non toll” roads of Dublin, we decided to hit out for Tara.

As Gwas will no doubt relate some of the historical aspects of this site I will deal with an interesting experience that occurred there for me.

We arrived, the long way around (this seems to have been a popular theme in Ireland) and the sun was just setting across the western countryside.

I wandered around the many gentle mounds of the site and eventually ended up in the church yard that is situated there.

The church is dedicated to St Patrick and to be honest, that late in the evening with the many crows nests above, it could have easily doubled as any Hammer House of Horror setting.

With the crows squawking there sleeping call I sat where the dowsing rods had led me i.e. in the church yard there looks to be the remains of a wall. You can see it in the picture below. So there I was, having been “called” to this haunting place by the rods promise of an “interesting” place.

After many moments of contemplation, with no result and it getting a bit cold, the day had been gorgeously sunny but the night was much cooler. I was thinking that it was about time to leave.

When a couple of crows landed right infront of me. They gave me a true fright and I half got up to run, but in the past I have had strange portents with crows so I decided to watch these with intent. They both jumped about and seemed to be fighting over some food on the floor, but I couldn’t see any. Then after a few minutes they let off an almighty screeching…it sounded to me like they were screaming “kay-leech, kay-leech” after a couple moments of this one flew off, then the other. I was dumb struck by the behaviour of these creatures and the mesasage they were trying to communicate.

About fifteen minutes later I met up with Gwas and we exchanged experiences. I asked him whether he had heard of anything called kay-leech. His response was no, so I let it skip from my thoughts. Then some time later to fill a curious void I decided to google it (at great expense!) and as I put in the words, google suggested …”caileach”

What! Seriously! I delved further…

“The cailleach is a sort of mystery; a Goddess who survived eons after her worship died out. she is vastly ancient, so ancient that we virtually nothing of her original myth and ritual. she can be found in Ireland and Scotland and England, traced through folklore, through the names of ancient monuments and natural wonders, and through enigmatic verses and stories.
It is not possible to obtain an idea how long she was worshiped, or by whom. The Celts came to the lands of the Cailleach some 2000 years ago. bringing their own pantheon of Gods and Goddesses. The new arrivals recognized the Cailleach as already ancient, for as a famous Irish poems says, ‘There are three great ages; the age of the yew tree, the age of the eagle, the age of the Cailleach.’ It is impossible to know what this Goddess meant to her original worshipers.
Cailleach must have been very important, for she did not disappear as countless other divinities have, If nothing is truly known about her, paradoxically she is still alive, still a power in the lands once dedicated to her. from these vestiges, we can reconstruct  something of the powerful original figure of ancient times.
She had many names Cailleach Bheur or Carlin in Scotland; Cally Berry in northern Ireland; Cailleach ny Groamch on the Isle of Man; Black Annis in Britain; the Hag of Beare or Digne in Ireland. She was of fearsome appearance, with only one eye an eye of preternatural keeness, in the middle of a blue black face.  She was noted to have red teeth and hair white as a frosted snow covered mountain top. Over it she wore a kerchief and over her dull grey clothing a faded plad shawl.” Source: Order of White Moon

What did this mean? I was at a loss to explain it that night, but the next day had more revelations and a deal to be had. But if you want a hint…it is right there in the text above…”There are three great ages; the age of the yew tree…”

Just before I finish this post I want to mention the locations that this path took:

  • It started at Tara and St Patrick
  • More was revealed at Knowth
  • Concluded at Four Knocks

Google is a fantastic tool and I searched for a connection with these terms and found one that connected Tara, St Patrick, Caileach and Four Knocks… An Imbolc Celebration , stay tuned for more!



Ireland 1 – Freeing the dragon

After some preamble due to a mis-diagnosis of our O.S mapping we eventually found a stone circle called The Pipers Stones.

Quite auspiciously to our tired feet it was quite close to the main road. I was the first to arrive there and found a lovely stone just under a tree. The sun was shining and without pause I decided to lie on it and bask in the combined energies of the sun and tree. Almost as soon as I had closed my eyes I felt a “ugh” and looked around to see what had disturbed my senses.

It only took me a second to find a animal skull on a branch of the tree only a yard or two away from where I lay. I immediately got up and went to investigate. Rods in hand I determined that some kind of dark magic had been carried out at the place and had left its “stink” there. I dowsed for a “good” place for me to be and found that it was a stone that was diametrically opposite to the place where the skull was.

As Gwas approached the stone circle I drew his attention to the skull and he determined that he should do something about it. I left him to his task whilst I, again, attempted to bask in the sun.

Again it was mere moments after I had clambered up on the stone to rest when I “felt” a call of some kind. I jumped down and wandered back and forth for several moments trying to get a sense of the “call”. To no avail, so I decided to do some energetic exploration instead. Since I have been exploring the Genius Loci phenomena I hit upon asking some questions about that.

I asked whether the Genius Loci of this place (if there was one) had been summoned abroad as had Genius Loci’s from sites in the UK. It had and had returned in a similar fashion at roughly the same time. Wow I wasn’t expecting that answer. I lent against my power center and mused on this correlation when I felt a “tug” again and was drawn to do more dowsing to explore what was calling my attention.

After some moments of dowsing it just “popped” into my intuitive head…The Genius Loci was trapped. I queried the dowsing rods and the result was confirmed. Some time in the past the Genius Loci of this place had been trapped by person or persons unknown and they had left it in such a state. I wondered if I could do something about this. The answer was yes. So I set about exploring how I would do this. The answer was to gain energy from the sun and “give” it to the Genius Loci so that it could escape from its trap.

I dowsed to find an appropriate place to stand and it was right by where I had found the location of the Genius Loci earlier. I then set about visualising collecting the energy from the sun into my crown chakra, but I got a “sense” that this was not the appropriate way to do it and changed the process so that I was collecting energy into my aura and then passing it to where I imagined the Genius Loci to be.

After doing this for some moments I could “see” that the Genius Loci was trying to pull itself from the ground – the image I got  was that of a Phoenix however later reflection makes me think it was more dragon like than a phoenix. So this “dragon” was trying to pull itself loose of the ground using the energies that I was providing. However it wasn’t succeeding.

I decided to throw my personal energies into the struggle – but was immediately warned off by – hmm – my higher self? That this would result in injury. It was at this time that a fierce wind started to blow around and through the circle on what was otherwise a lovely warm day. I gathered in this winds energies too and supplied them to the Genius Loci (Dragon?) and it finally managed to break free.

Using dowsing I determined that it had flew around the back of me and out of a arcing energy “exit” that I had dowsed earlier.

Feeling pleased with my work I clambered back on top of my power center to re-energise. Again after a few moments a thought occurred to me. Had I done a good thing in helping the Dragon to escape? I jumped down for a third time to query the rods and found that the answer was yes. Phew!

Kal Malik

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