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Kerry Hill – Small circle and big revelation

Although we set off in the early afternoon Kal and I intended to pack as much as we possibly could into our day out in Shropshire. Our intention was to visit one of the few remaining megalithic circles in the county – Kerry Hill, close to the small village of Kerry (or ‘Ceri’, in Welsh). The site is also called Kerry Pole, which is good to know because that is the name of the hill on which it lies.

A signpost for Ceri Wood on Kerry Pole hill

Sadly, most of Shropshire’s megalithic history has been lost to the farmers of many centuries. When you drive through the rolling hills and lush pasture land you can perhaps understand why, yet many of the stone circles now listed as destroyed were in existence within the last hundred years, and we have hardly been on the brink of starvation as a nation at any time during those hundred year. Such a shame we have destroyed our heritage for the sake of a few measly ploughable acres. It can only be greed, ignorance or dis-respect that drove such destruction, none of which is an estimable human quality.

Back to the action. We followed the satellite navigation that brought us to the ‘back’ of the site – in other words we would approach the circle from the top of the hill instead of climbing up to reach it. Having visited before we knew approximately where the circle could be found, which is just as well because there are no signs to guide you, no indicators of any sort, and the stones that constitute the circle are very small making it difficult to spot. As with our first visit we were almost on top of the circle before we spotted it, hidden amid a herd of Herefordshire cattle. From the look on Kal’s face I could tell he was looking at the stocky black cattle and thinking “Bullocks!“.

Being watched at Kerry Hill stone circle

When we had dispersed the cattle we settled into the circle. Kal dowsed as to who was due to do any work here and found that it was for me, this trip. Before I would launch into my work I did some videos of my dowsing the unusual arcing neutral energies that flow from each of the stones into the central stone. The few other circles that remain in Shropshire have similar central stones, however this is the only one that we have found has these arcing energies into the centre.

Next I would prepare myself for interacting with the circle and seeing whether I could learn anything from it.

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NEW! Gallery page added

I have added a gallery page in the links at the top of the site. The photographs were taken while out and about this year at various sacred sites. I hope you enjoy browsing them as much as I enjoyed being there and taking them.



Shropshire circles: Kerry Hill, Mitchell’s Fold and The Hoarstones

Technically we may have wandered across county borders, but essentially we were dealing with Shropshire circles this day – April 31st. One of the circles we wanted to visit was actually in Powys, but we don’t really care for county boundaries much. After all – they change shape with the seasons. Many lovely things lie in wait for the inquisitive traveller in Powys, but there’s a lot of ground to cover for that reward. I’m going to summarise this visit where possible to stop you all from yawning and drowning in the detail. There are, nevertheless, some interesting things to come out of this day’s visit to Kerry Hill circle, Mitchell’s Fold and The Hoarstones circle. Some interesting developments in our findings about the nature of nemeton field energy and our interactions with it.

Kerry Hill  circle

Track to Kerry Hill circle

Track to Kerry Hill circle

We parked at a small official car park at the entrance to what seemed like a decimated conifer forest somewhere in Wales. That’s what the first ten minutes of walking entailed, walking past stacks of ripped, cut and shredded conifers stacked in neat bundles, ready for who-knows-what fate. Not a fun start. When we found the small circle in a field at the top of the hill overlooking the top of the valley though, we were in better spirits, and here’s what we found at Kerry Hill circle:-

  • Twenty feet wide circle of small stones.
  • Centre stone was a link point for neutral arcing energies from all stones except one.
  • The one stone with no link was a female transformer stone. It transformed starlight energy mainly, with a little bit of moonlight.
  • The central stone dowsed for male, female and neutral energies – a white power centre.


  • We traced the combined male and female energies around the stones and they formed a flowing path that circled all the stones.


Mitchell’s Fold


Mitchell’s Fold circle nestles in the arms of Corndon Hill, on a plateau between the hills and still above the surrounding valleys. I’m going to leave most of this to Kal, as he really enjoyed this site, and seemed to get the most out of it. We dowsed for what type of energies made up the site, and what its radiant source was, and found that the site was mainly male energy, obtained from starlight, but that the female transformer stone was also creating a male energy pattern around the site. This suited Kal snugly, whereas I did not get such a good connection with it, even though I enjoyed the atmosphere and feeling of the place. It was more suited to a sun-aligned energy worker like Kal.


Here’s what we found:-

  • Instantly we liked it, as soon as it hove into view. We started at the King Stone. Kal dowse this, as I took an interest in the collection of stones that surrounded a small depression or hollow.
  • The hollow, I thought, was a shelter where people visiting the stone circle would prepare for whatever energy work they were about to perform.
  • The King Stone was full of male energy and linked to the main circle.


  • My major revelation was to ask about the interwoven energies that surrounded the site, which we call its nemeton. I asked how many times I should follow the lines around the circle and got the answer of four.
  • As I walked around dowsing each circular line it became more erratic. Each time around the sway from side to side got wider – the amplitude of the sinewy wave form got larger.
  • When I dowsed the four lines again the final time around the spikes in the energy field were only two feet across the base, but each spike was five or six feet in length! This told me that my perambulations were having the effect of ‘stirring up’ the energies, making them more active.

This seemed like a breakthrough in understanding these energies. Interaction through perambulation caused an increase in the vibrancy of the site’s circular energy formations. That’s how it felt, if you were paying the right kind of non-attention to it.


  • Kal’s meditations kept bringing out the sun. Another thing I noticed was that there seemed to be an endless number of crows around that day.
  • My meditation was initially aimed at sending healing energy to my wife, but it wasn’t happening. I re-directed the energy I had accumulated to the birds that I could hear chirping gently in the Spring air. When I came to the noise level of one particular bird became so loud that it was funny, then he flew in front of us performing acrobatics until we smiled and grinned in appreciation.
  • Met a couple of other people at the site and introduced ourselves. They were called Amanda and James, and wanted to try their hands at dowsing. She got a response, he wasn’t so convinced. Rapidly they both stop doing it – too freaked out? She confesses she has been up here before dancing with a strange group of people. Kal confesses something similar. I think they just want an excuse to dance with strangers.
  • On to the Whetstones – a blasted and ruined collection of rocks in a vaguely circular formation only hundreds of yards away from the main site. Quickly we decide there’s nothing to be salvaged or gained from this site.


The Hoarstones


Again it was difficult to find. All we had was a printed OS map obtained from MultiMap, and Aubrey Burl’s scant directions. Still, if Burl had bothered to record it I supposed it was worth visiting. We wandered down a path alongside a wood to emerge into a fallow field. As we scanned you could see a clump of grass and gorse that signified an un-ploughed area, and we tromped towards it eagerly. When we got there we could easily spot the four feet high central stone, but most other stones were couched in marsh reeds or clumps of winter grass.


Here’s what else we found out:-

  • Quickly identified our favourite stones – mine was a triangular flat stone about ten feet away from an iron spike that had been driven into the ground close to one side of the circle.


  • Kal’s favourite stone in the circle was on the same side as mine, but as further ten feet away from mine.
  • Having identified male and female power centres Kal started asking about black power centres and streams. He identified three places – the central stone, a stone in the far eastern side, and the stone next to the four feet tall iron spike.
  • The white power centres we sat upon didn’t seem to have the usual empowering effects. We dowsed them to find that they were being counter-balanced by the negative black streams.
  • The black streams, or sha energies, were being produced by the placement of the iron spike. We both have found that iron is counteractive to earth energies, causing them to re-direct, be cancelled, or change quality their qualities to mix with the neutral energy created by that metal. Neutral and male energy forms black streams, in our experience – energies of a harmful or disruptive vibrational frequency.


Kal and I worked at the site to re-balance the energies into a more harmonious relationship, and the end result that Kal dowsed proved to be very favourable. We felt quite calm and contented as we packed to leave. It felt like a great day’s work all round, and we hadn’t had to rip any spikes out with our teeth!



Following a sha stream.


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