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Twelve Steps to Creating a Sacred Site

As a prelude to what is to come, I think this is the most important post I have ever written. If you have any interest in megalithic sites, then I think you will enjoy this, and I am hoping it will generate a lot of discussion. One fine evening Kal and I had an outing to Mitchell’s […]

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Anglesey Winter Soltice – Part 2: The Bryngwyn Stones and The Soar Stone

After Bryn Celli Ddu we travelled further along the southern coast road towards the village of Brynsencien. We had discovered some interesting new patterns of energy around the ancient mound and chamber, and had spent time drawing upon the Winter Solstice energies. Now we wanted to see whether those energies might change at the next […]

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Gallery updated: over 60 new pictures

I have added some recent pictures from site visits to places such as:- Alderley Edge in Cheshire The Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire Pendle Hill in Lancashire I think I’m pushing the boundaries of the Gallery widget now, so soon I will split the year up into seasons to hopefully make the page load a little […]

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