Dowsing | Energy work

Moel-Ty-Uchaf: The Venus connection

When Kal and I first visited the Moel-Ty-Uchaf stone circle at its lofty perch above the village of Llandrillo near to Bala in North Wales, I was particularly taken with it. Despite the immensely steep climb to reach it I have always felt that the view was worth the effort, but there was more to […]

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Dowsing | Quickie

Llandrillo: The strange reactor

When we started dowsing Kal and I both followed Sig Lonegren’s beginners method of attuning the rods for reactions to energy phenomena: we trained a ‘YES’ response to be the rods crossing in an ‘X’ shape, and a ‘NO’ to be no reaction at all, with the rods pointing straight out away from you. As […]

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