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The Initiation of the Yew Staff

July continued to be sunny, hot and dry. We were back from our Solstice outing and among the familiar landscapes either side of Cheshire. In particular Kal and I felt drawn to the Dinas Bran site. Both of us had questions that we hoped to find the answers to, and the walk was always lovely, […]

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Spring Equinox 2013 – Day of the Crow Part 4”

In the fourth part of this Spring Equinox story I visit a new stone circle (or two), working with the energies and completing the sigil shape that I had been tracing in the Llangollen landscape. Bryn Beddau cairn circle Hidden in the murky depths of the Clocaenog Forest are two small cairn circles. One or maybe […]

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2012 – Summary of the Year by Gwas

My summary of the year could easily take up several posts, but I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’m going to highlight the many important distinct elements that have taken place this year, and then provide links to the posts that illustrate these elements. On the whole it has been an amazingly packed, dense, active year. […]

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