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Djinn at Habu temple – Egypt 14

From a west bank of the Nile in Luxor point of view, my favourite place has to be the Temple of Habu. I know it’s called the Mortuary temple and all that, I’m just saying, it’s my favourite. From a feeling point of view of course. As you enter into the complex you’re greeted by […]

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God or Goddess

Queen rises at Hatshepsut – Egypt 13

Hatshepsut, try saying that without spitting? It was my 3rd day in Luxor and I had just left (or been kicked out of) the Valley of the Kings. My next stop was the amazing temple of Hatshepsut. Now one thing that you have to remember and use to judge my Egyptian adventures is that beyond […]

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Ancient Sites

Egypt – The Spirit of Karnak Temple

This is a follow-on post from the Black Altar at Karnak Temple post that I did recently. In this post I recount the last thirty minutes of my free ‘un-guided’ time in which I did a little more dowsing for some of the features of the temple. Little did I know that things were about […]

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