Emotional content of blogs

Appropriating the phrase that Bruce Lee made famous I am seeking within the small confines of this post to express an idea that is a little reflexive. That is – I want to write about the limitation to the power of the creative media to express the full impact and experience of magickal processes. I was made […]

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Dowsing | Energy cleansing | Experiment | Ghosts and shades | House Energies book | Other Entities | Spirits

House energies, dark magic and a powerful spell p3

In the previous post I told of how, with a friend, we were in the process of investigating a poltergeist haunting. A fascinating experience in and of itself but as often is with the world of the mysterious our paths take unexpected turns. Expect the unexpected! So I was in the throes of some last-minute dowsing, using […]

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Crystals | Energy cleansing | Energy work | Experiment | How To

Crystal Magic

I was in a situation. Sorry, I can’t go into the details but a situation had been slowly looming in the distance and threatening to arrive on my doorstep and last Monday it did. I was worried, concerned and in the dark as to what to do about this situation. I know, sounds really cryptic, unfortunately […]

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Natural Magick | Theory

Essential Elements of Natural Magick

I have been re-visiting some of the essential elements of the magickal work that I do. Sometimes when working I forget various parts of these elements that I have found to be essential components to the success of such work. When I forget to employ all five of the elements in the process of doing […]

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Ancient Sites

Egypt – The Spirit of Karnak Temple

This is a follow-on post from the Black Altar at Karnak Temple post that I did recently. In this post I recount the last thirty minutes of my free ‘un-guided’ time in which I did a little more dowsing for some of the features of the temple. Little did I know that things were about […]

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