Yearly Update

Summary of the Year 2015 Part 1

I was quite hesitant about producing “the usual” summary of the year. It has clearly not been a normal year. In fact, I would go as far as to say that the first half was good, but the second half took a much more dark and difficult turn. I’m not used to that. In all […]

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What is in a name?

I bet that if you searched our site you would another post or two with the same title as above. It certainly has a sense of Deja Vu for me. Given the spiral nature of life as described endlessly herein, it makes sense for us to pivot around certain themes. I was out for a […]

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Mission Impossible Part 1

It was a rather rainy Sunday afternoon (12 August 2011) when I decided to take a trip out to the Wizards wood. I have a wonderful affiliation with that place as it was the first place that I had really communed with tree energies and also the first place where I had received a name […]

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