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Marianne Williamson and Feminine alignment

I was at a talk recently given by Marianne Williamson, in her talk she often described various aspects of the Feminine. She related this to Earth quite effectively and I wondered whether there was any connection between this and female aligned people.

Currently I have learned the female aligned people are aligned with the moon. But it is one of them obvious questions that has never been asked directly. E.g. “Am I aligned to the moon?” Or rather is Gwas, since I am Sun aligned.

What we have kind of assumed is that since Male aligned people are also Sun aligned. So Female energy aligned people would be Moon aligned.

I did some dowsing at Avebury this weekend and came across some interesting results.

Here are the results:

  • Can people be Sun aligned? Yes
  • Can people be Moon aligned? Yes
  • Are people who are moon aligned also female aligned? Yes
  • Are people who are Male aligned also Sun aligned? Yes
  • Is it the same to say that Male alignment is the same as Sun alignment? Yes

That was a good and confirmatory start, right. Now take a look at this:

  • Can people be Earth aligned? Yes. Interesting.
  • So there are three alignment types of people? No.
  • Is there more than 3 then? No. Curious!
  • Are people that are male aligned also Earth aligned? No
  • Are people that are female aligned also Earth aligned? Yes.

Ah…Can it be said that being Earth aligned and Moon aligned is the same thing? I got the old half Yes answer, as if there was more. I pondered this for a while wondering what it could mean. Plus it wasn’t too fair that female aligned people got two astronomical connections! Then a thought from a far flung theory came to mind…

Are female aligned people aligned with the moon because it was once a part of the Earth? Yes.

Ah, a picture was forming. Are people aligned with the Sun or the Earth, but also the moon because it was once a part of the Earth? Yes. So, if the Moon wasn’t was a part of the Earth would female aligned people still be aligned with it? No.

A fabulous set of dowsing I thought.

Kal Malik pushing the boundaries

Note from Gwas:

I found it was with the Moon. Who says otherwise? Will check again tonight. Just because the Earth has been given a female “character” doesn’t mean ‘she’ attracts all female-aligned energies and people – that’s my opinion.

Edge Wizardry Tales – Encounter with a Dark Lighter

Borders Books

You guys in the States are lucky. For all of those in the UK, remember that fabulous book store Borders? Well one sunny afternoon I was perusing the books in the mystic section of the store.

It was a sunny day and I was browsing the ‘alternative’ section in the bookshop, when I felt a shiver up my spine.

I was about to pass it off when I noticed a man passing behind me. Nothing unusual in that, I thought, perhaps he had just brushed me as he passed and that is what it was.

After a few more moments, and that was all it was, I felt a growing sense of, hmmm, how to describe it? Fear isn’t quite right, alarm would be too obvious, I guess it was a kind of growing sense of urgency. Nerves that were getting tenser, as if in expectation.

Like waiting for some surprise bang that is going to come, but you just don’t know when.

It was then that I really paid attention to what was happening behind me. Not by turning around, but using my peripheral senses I kind of tuned in to my rear.

I was facing some bookshelves and there was ample room behind me, some 15 foot to the next book shelf and yet there was this man who seemed to be walking from shelf to shelf but walking quite (and unnecesarily) close to me.

Another lady was stood by a nearby shelf examining some books on Medium ship and I think the man must have noted my surreptitious observation because he struck up a conversation with the lady.

I was about to return my attention to my browsing and give it up as an active imagination, when I felt an almighty rise in fear and with a snap I turned in a flash.

As I did I caught the man staring at me, although he was still in conversation with the woman.

By this time I was kind of shaking, almost like having had a shot of adrenaline. In my right mind I should have left the place, but instead I went over and engaged into their conversation.

They were conversing on the merits of certain medium ship books, but as I listened in I realised that the woman was doing most of the talking whilst the man was distracted in some way. The woman was asking my views, when I ‘knew’ that the man was spelling us.

Call it what you will, energy entrapment, magic, spell, enchantment. In my terminology he was actively engaging in energy work that was detrimental to mine (and I believe the ladies) well being.

Effectively he was attacking us. Oddly I found that I couldn’t leave the conversation, indeed, I was frozen with fear or agitation (probably both).

The effect grew until something exploded in me. And amazingly breaking all social convention,I stopped the flow of conversation by raising my hand palm out to him and almost shouted “STOP”. It was a command on several levels, not the least to tell him to stop. An intentional command to myself to stop this attack.

But the most curious point of this interuption was that I hadn’t made it. What I mean is that I wasn’t conscious of making it. I could see what I had done and was aware of the effect but, I wasn’t conscious of any thoughts about what to do or say indeed, about thinking about raising my hand or saying the word “STOP”. in fact it was, what I guess possession is like.

I give this analysis in hindsight of course as, at the moment, I was thoughtless.

Both the man and woman was surprised by my outburst, the woman more so. The man tried to recover, but I interrupted him, and again I stress that “I” was an observer in this interaction as my thoughts had stilled.

I held my finger up to the man and said, “I will not have any of this!” and was about to walk away, when I turned to the woman and told her right to her face, ignoring the man entirely, “This is a bad man, you should keep away from him.” With those words I strode away.

Imagine that, normally social pressures of conformity and etiquette would have made such a interaction, virtually impossible. However there I was stepping away from something that my thoughts had been a bystander to.

The event had not finished there as as I walked away, it was as if an immense fatigue hit me, like I had just been in a physical struggle that was now over but I was depleted of energy, in a seriously bad way.

I was still on autopilot when I took a seat in the cafe section of the shop right by the sun streaming window. With the sun flowing in, I opened the book in my hands…

Going back in time a few minutes to when I first felt the energies shift. Without thinking I had reached out a hand and picked up a book from the shelf. I only have noted the action as being important because it was a book that I would not have picked up. At this time I wasn’t interested in the book (since I had heard of it, and knew what it was).

Now as I sat in the window, with my palm on an open page of this book I felt my energy being replenished and filled. It was like the energy of the sun was being translated by the ‘flavour’ of the book and thus recharging me with this flavoured energy.

The book was called, A Course in Miracles and since that time and this I have become more interested in it and my favourite speaker on the course, Marianne Williamson.

After about half-hour I was feeling back to my normal self, both in energy and mental consciousness terms. At that time I didn’t feel able to go ‘looking’ for this individual, fortunately I feel more able to stand against such an event these days.

I have occasionally thought back to that experience and have pulled several ‘personal’ conclusions.

  • Personally I believe that I am an energy worker whose intentions are positive, what we might call good. I now believe (and know) that there are others out there who are negative energy workers who have bad intentions. In this instance I believe that the man was one of these.
  • In the world of energy there are people who we might call ‘energy vampires’ this is a mistaken term because although in practice there are many who suck energy from others, but in almost all cases this is done unknowingly and unintentionally. When it is done intentionally the I would call him/her a negative energy worker.
  • From the few occasions when I have experienced such, and the many instances that I come across in research. I believe that we have a core knowledgeable powerful intuition part of our being. Some might call it a higher-self, others I feel mistakenly attribute it to something other than themselves (like a guardian angel or spirit). Having said that I don’t disclude the possibility that such exist and aid us in many ways.

This “core” is a fascinating area of our life that needs to be studied more, because there are ways, I believe, to improve (or call) its effects in our lives.

  • A feature of the above ‘core’s interactions in our life is that it leaves normal awareness bemused and idle. Thus the feeling of being possessed, because in essence I was possessed, by my core.
  • Everything in life is fascinating to the extreme. Consider if we knew nothing about biology at all, and then we discovered microscopes, there is an entire universe in a spec of blood that we could (and indeed have) explored forever.

So it is with energy and its complex interactions. Since the time of the experience and this I have explored some of the energy implications that have arisen from this event. In particular what happened when I was being restored using a ‘translation’ of Sun energy.

Again, I just wanted to point it out here and I will be providing more experiential knowledge in the future.

So, what a frightening, interesting and enlightening experience. If I were a believer in the “it all happens for a reason” then I could put this up high on the wall as having done so. As it happens I don’t thus, we have to leave it as an “event”

Kal Malik – lightening worker


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*** Been wondering who Gwas is? All will be revealed soon ***

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