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Predictions for crop circles in 2012

I know it’s very early in the year to be talking about crop circles, but this post has been hanging around for ages and it seemed like a good idea to get it finished and out there now, so that our beloved readers could be thinking about the ideas and having a good laugh when the weather is cold and bleak! We do like to entertain and amuse as well as inform and mystify. Back in the beginning of August 2010 I made a prediction that the Summer of 2012 would see the end of crop circles as a phenomenon.

“Crop circles will stop appearing by 2013. The peak of their complexity will be the Summer Solstice of 2012.” (source: a guiding divinity)

Actually, the results I got were that 2012 would be the year of their cessation, but at the time I interpreted that as meaning that June 2012 would see their ultimate expression, and thus there would be no further non-man-made circles in the 2013 season.

This information was dowsed in the centre of a crop circle but at the time, at what felt like the height of crop circle phenomenon, it seemed like a wild and crazy prediction born of a dowsed result in which I couldn’t really place much credibility other than my own judgment of how good I was at dowsing. However, the result was in keeping with the wild and crazy information that we were getting about the way that crop circles were created (certainly the non man-made ones anyway) .

Having pretty much given up looking at crop circles (because I couldn’t decide what their use was, and I was completely put off by the idea of their potential creators) it was a sudden moment of inspiration that reminded me that I used to go and look at the crop circle formations avidly last year, but that this year I hadn’t even bothered to review them at all. Not once! And it was June already. The crop circles for this year would surely be at their absolute peak of the season now, so I should go and take a look at the gallery on Crop Circle Connector.

I wanted to back up my theory with some statistics showing that the 2011 season figures were quite different to previous years, but getting hold of this information is quite difficult these days. Crop circles have become a business, and if you want the figures you have to pay the cash to join the various circle sites that record these figures in their databases. All these database differ in terms of the numbers recorded for 2011 anyway, so I guess comparisons are ultimately quite futile. Suffice it to say that at least at the beginning of the year i was quite surprised at how slow the season got off to, and the distinct lack of quality in the circles recorded. Beyond that, many of the professional-looking circles that began to appear in June and July just looked faked anyway! But all of this is now opinion, and academic at that because I don’t have any evidence to state my case properly.

[UPDATE] Having listened to the Red Ice interview with Colin Andrews I feel somewhat more justified in my statements now. Here is what Colin said about the recent circles:-

“”I think the quality – or the lack of quality – in the last few years of many of the designs – it’s fairly obvious to most people that really were looking at this and being honest with themselves that most of these were being made by [the] people. I can tell you for certain, because of my information, yes they were!”

Speaking of the future of crop circles after 2012 he says: “I think we can predict something new coming here…there’s every reason to suspect there will be new phenomena.”

I don’t want to put too much emphasis on differentiating ‘real’ and ‘man-made’ circles because in terms of their impact upon our consciousness all crop cricles may have relevance, but personally I concentrate my efforts to understand the phenomenon by dealing with the unexplained circles.

What opinion does this leave me with concerning the 2011 crop circle season and the implications for my 2012 prediction?

  • If all circles are created by humans then the good circle creators don’t seem to have been particularly motivated in 2011
  • Some 2011 circles were obviously created by humans, and this is likely to continue because people now depend upon their appearance
  • The ones that were given to us by non-human sources may have served their purpose after an important Midsummer 2012 message?

Watch with me as the 2012 season emerges this year. Let’s see if the quantity reduces from 2011 (52?) and if the complexity increases to a crescendo in mid-June, before the phenomenon of non-man-made circles disappears completely. Let’s keep meditating on their message and see what emerges this year – I think it’s going to be important somehow to our spiritual development. During the year I will be watching the developments closely and will try to add my opinions as we go along.

According to my dowsing, the number of real non-man-made crop circles to appear this year are:-

  • APRIL – 2
  • MAY – 7
  • JUNE – 10
  • JULY – 15
  • AUGUST – 3

I also predict there will be a final message in the circles of August 2012. Predictions always make everyone involved look foolish, so I’ll be the first to say that those figures are impossible to prove one way or another! The interpretations of the messages are even harder. So, whether you visit some circles this year or not, enjoy the ‘final’ ‘true’ season!



UPDATE: Red Ice Creations web site have got an interview this month with Colin Andrews – a ‘founding father’ of crop circle research. I would recommend listening to at least the first hour. In the second hour (for subscribers) he goes on to talk about the 2012 season in particular.

Crop Circles & the dowsing rod

As fortune would have it – I set off at about 6am on a fine summer’s day heading southward to meet up with Lucy Pringle and a few other cohorts to tour around some of 2009′s crop circles in Wiltshire.

I arrived at Silbury Hill (our meeting place) at 10:00 am on the dot to find it pouring with rain – nothing new there then! We all clambered into the least number of cars possible and set of for the first circle.

Which indeed was a circle unlike most others which can be described as crop patterns. Anyway this circle was pretty un-assuming as a 10 page trawl on Google didn’t find any reference to it!

Anyway the circle had two arms coming off at opposite ends and internally was split into f0ur sectors. The crops were flattened in such a way that they were matted – kind of like a checkers board. Strange thing was that opposite segments were thatched the opposing way so that the four sectors looked – dark – light – dark – light.

Ok – enough description – what about the dowsing…?

Well – the circle’s energy was much less than any stone circle I have visited. It had an entrance – which happened to be where our party entered. It had two power centres which were about ten feet either side of the entrance and some ten feet into the circle. Both the power centres and the circle itself were female energy. And that’s how far I got with that one before the group disembarked … a bit of a touristy bunch if you ask me.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention one thing. The circle had a diameter of about 60 meters and an aura which extended some 100 meters!

The above is the second circle we went to. Wow! It is quite near a road and easy to get to. The rain had eased off and so we spent some time in this one – thank the stars!

Ok, I asked if the whole circle itself had a power centre – yes! If you look at the pic above and start at the arm that has a missing ring. Using that as 1, count the arms left ways and when you get to arm 3 then using the centre circle as 1 count outwards 5 circles. in this circle, near one edge was the power centre of the whole thing!

How big is this CC? Well see the really tiny circles on the arms? those were about 5 ft wide!

I got a lot of info from this circle about the makers – hold on to your hats!!

  • was this circle made by humans? no!
  • was it made by aliens? yes
  • are these aliens denizens of this planet – i.e. some kind of fairy type creature? no
  • are these aliens from another planet? yes
  • are they still here? yes
  • do they live here now? yes
  • did they use some machine to make these? yes
  • did the machine use EMF? yes
  • did this EMF propel the wind? yes

You have to understand that there were a lot of questions in between that I got “no”‘s to!

  • is this crop circle of benefit to us? yes
  • is it of benefit to the aliens? yes

And after this unbelievable exchange we were off to the next CC!

The Serpent God

Wow – what a crop circle this is…right by Silbury Hill. Here I spent some time finding energy paths through the paths that make up the pattern. I also confirmed the answers above for this circle too.

Note: It often happens that when Gwas and I are dowsing energy patterns at home or looking for energy entities – we come across some kind of mental barrier – as if the energies don’t want to be dowsed (anthropomorphising?) or that they have some kind of deflection around them – which means that – we will often just forget to dowse, or just do something else instead. Only to recall afterwards that we were “supposed to be dowsing”. We have been able to get round this on the 3rd/4th attempt by really “consciously” reminding ourselves to do it.

The reason I mention this is because at the circles I felt the same – a kind of lethargy towards wanting to dowse – I had to fight this a lot to get even the work above done. To this end Gwas and I intend to return to visit some crop circles in a week or two to garner further information.

On the above circle – there are a couple of really interesting things to note (from the point of view of its creation). Looking at the picture you see there is an outer circle – then a sort of semi circle – where the corn thins out in the middle of it and also another semi circle where the corn thins out at the outer points. When I was there – looking at these “thinning edges” they were really fine – I can’t see how they were made by some machinery of terrestrial origin!

It was quite nice wondering around this “serpent god” and dowsing was left aside as the sun revealed itself and we took the time to just enjoy being out and about.

Is it a Real crop circle?

From the above crop circle – which was on a hill – we spied another about a mile away. During the trip so far I had made a new friend in the person of one Hanna, from Finland. Together we decided to go and examine this crop circle.

Along the road we got a bit confused as to which path to take that would lead us to the circle – fortunately the rods did a good job of directing us. So it was about half an hour later we were at the circle we spied. It was laid out like a paired yin/yang design…

As Hanna and I walked up to the circle we found that a couple of our fellow tour groupies were returning from it – they had not been impressed and thought that this one was a fake! We carried on to see for ourselves. Hanna – who had spoken with our tour leader about it earlier had said that Lucy considered it to be genuine.

According to the picture we arrived either from the left or right along the middle track. I could see immediately why the other members had put it down as a fake. Although it looks quite clean cut from the air – take a look at this picture from the ground (all are on this website where they claim that this one is real!).

Can you see how the crop is lifting up and also the edges are not smooth? If you visit the link above you can go to the site this image was taken from and see a much larger view as well as other pics.

A lot of the crop in the “flattened” area was not as flattened as the other circles we had visited. Hmmm…As Hanna wandered over to go and speak to/observe a group of people meditating – I did some dowsing.

  • Was this crop circle made by aliens? No
  • Was it made by humans?Yes
  • Is this then a fake crop circle?Yes

Er…what else is there to say? Hanna returned and I informed her of my findings, she was half convinced from the layout of the crop. But I could see she was still leaning towards wanting to agree with our tour leader, Lucy. I had given Hanna a quick lesson in dowsing up on the serpent and she had proved quite skilful – so I handed her the rods and said “Check for yourself“. I lay basking in the sun whilst she wandered back and to with the rods, occasionally shaking her head. Finally she returned to where I was sat and dropped the rods at my feet, “its fake” she said in her Finnish tinged accent – with some disappointment. I shrugged and we both walked away feeling a bit cheated. On the way down Hanna bumped into a person who had spoken on crop circles a week ago at a symposium she had attended in Glastonbury – as she passed him by she shouted, “Don’t bother. Its a fake” – She had become a believer in dowsing intuition!

All in all, quite a good first trip to crop circle land. Definitely requires one or two more trips. Also there are many more questions to be asked…particularly around the “why” of these as well as whether there is any relevance to “all” the crop circle <-> 2012 connection(s).

Stay tuned!


PS – you should see some of the images and article on the site linked above…for example here is another image close-up of the crops in another (2008) crop circle…

Compare the “flat-ness” of the crops in both these pics – clearly the bottom one has more foundation for being a true CC. Maybe the Yin/Yang one was made with a blunted alien machine?

PPS – Aliens?


Kerry and Cork sites added to Map page.

*** Been wondering who Gwas is? All will be revealed soon ***

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