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New photos added to the Gallery

100 new photos of ancient sites in Brittany, France have been added to the Gallery page. They include the following sites:- 1. Crehen allé couverte on Ile Grande 2. Carnac, including Ménec, Kermario, Kercado and the Giant’s Stone 3. The Temple of Mars 4. Merlin’s Tomb and Vivien’s Well 5. The St.Uzec stone 6. Locmarquier’s […]

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Brittany 6: Carnac alignments – Kermario

Kermario, Carnac – 8th May 2009 In this sixth installment of the Brittany series, the second part of the Carnac visit, I found possibly the most interesting aspects of the whole Carnac visit (not to put you off the next post, but this is the ‘main feature’, if you like). Entrance stones As we walked […]

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