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Landmark moment – 100,000 views

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog. On 30th January 2011 we passed the 100,000 views mark. We’re stunned.

Head bowed in humility at the awe-inducing moment

Both Kal and I will be working hard to keep up the regularity and the standards we have set ourselves. We hope you continue to enjoy our unique content.

Hail and well met, hedge drudes and dowsing dudes.

Gwas & Kal.

300 posts!

The Hedge Druid blog has reached 300 posts! Thanks to those of you who are reading our posts regularly, everyone who has contributed to the comments section, and to casual visitors who may just happen on by. We hope you are enjoying the journey along The Path. Our experiences seem to resonate with many of you.

Since late 2008 we have delivered three hundred almost-believable, sometimes vaguely interesting pieces of information to you all. For Kal and I the blog began as a means of recording our experiences whilst out dowsing, and for me particularly it was a means to record the cross-over that I was experiencing with my newly-emerging interest in druidry. Since then we have developed spiritually and the metaphorical goal-posts have shifted somewhat.

It has been to my personal delight that you have followed our progress in increasing numbers. Good on you, but shouldn’t you be out in a field kissing a flower or something? Only kidding. It’s great to have you here, and we hope that our exploits inspire you to try some of the unusual things we get up to for yourself. You’ll notice we often leave the detail for you to work out for yourself? That’s deliberate.

Two years after we started blogging we have hit a major milestone. I feel like we readers of this blog are a small band of Spartans facing the hordes of rationalist unbelievers in their many guises and poking them sternly in the eye with experiential evidence. Of course, we’re all mad. We need to acknowledge that, If anyone asks, you don’t believe a word of this, right?

Over that time we have indeed covered many esoteric and “flaky” subjects: crop circles, crystals, healing with energy, earth energy lines, coincidences, elemental spirits, ghosts, power centres…and many more that I can’t bring to mind but which make me muse and ponder. We aim to test them all in time.

Over that few years we’ve been spending less time dowsing and more time on energy work/magick. Dowsing has currently (and unfairly) been relegated to an aide to our other work. In the near future we’re going to go back to re-investigating the dowsing principles because we think there’s more to learn from that. Expect some updates to the Sacred Sites page with its map of energies. Expect some new ideas to emerge from our findings.

Here is just a flavour of some of the topics we will be covering soons:-

  • Lammas – what it means to me and what I will be doing
  • Crop circles – our ideas about where they come from and who’s making them, and how they are made, and what their importance might be
  • Stone circles – are they schools for passing on mystical information?
  • The newly-discovered wood henge near Stonehenge – our first dowse of it
  • The power of numbers : five, seven and eleven

Hope you’ll stay with us for the next three hundred. Charge!!!!!!


Centenary post

It seems appropriate that, in the week that saw this site’s visitor numbers top the one hundred mark for unique visitors per day, that we should also hit the one hundred posts mark too.

I can only say thank you for choosing to spend your time reading our material. I hope by now that our honest, open, and frank approach to reporting our findings and ideas has been of some use to your own personal quest for enlightenment, and has shed some light on your own Way of Knowledge.

Ironic that this image is from James Randis site!

Ironic that this image is from James Randi's site!

My own thanks go out to some of those marvellous pioneers and free-thinkers who have, through their own endeavours, contributed to my enthusiasm, my direction, and my good intentions. It seems scant reward to simply name-check them, but you may see a name that prompts you to explore further, so here is a list of some of those people who have helped me get to this stage on my journey:-

  • Emma Restall-Orr – for showing me that druidry can be a living calling, not a dying tradition
  • Hamish Miller – for inspiring me to get out into the land and trace the energy paths
  • Sig Lonegren – for inextricably tying together dowsing with its spiritual dimension
  • Terence McKenna – for revealing a treasure of knowledge without boundaries and being brave enough to tell us
  • Dr.Yang, Jwing-Ming – for his explanation of human energy systems and how to use them

Of course there have been many more sources that have helped me understand this ancient tradition of energy knowledge. For all those who have encouraged me in this work, I thank you for your motivation.

Last, but foremost, Kal. We’ve written one hundred posts together, and our friendship and teamwork has never been stronger. Now we can look forward with our usual childish enthusiasm to the wonders that may come our way this year. Thank you for following our path.


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