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Twelve Steps to Creating a Sacred Site

As a prelude to what is to come, I think this is the most important post I have ever written. If you have any interest in megalithic sites, then I think you will enjoy this, and I am hoping it will generate a lot of discussion. One fine evening Kal and I had an outing to Mitchell’s […]

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Summary 2013 – Lessons Learned Pt2

In the second half of my second summary post I’m completing the lessons learned for the remainder of the year – that’s August to December. In this post I talk about the stag energies, energetic balance, death energy and some of the natural magickal techniques that I have been shown this year. August Stag and the Staff […]

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The Crowning Stone of Corndon

August 22nd 2013 – Mitchell’s Fold stone circle, Shropshire. I had three questions to seek answers to at Mitchell’s Fold this evening in late August. One had been answered already, and now I had a second. The ever-informative Mr Ian Pegler (of the British Society of Dowsers and Vale Crucis Abbey research fame) had mentioned […]

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