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Buried alive!

There are some people with whom I have a special connection. Kal is obviously one – whenever we work together or even just at the same location, something interesting, even life-changing, always happens. Another special person is my friend Mike. Mike’s psychic abilities always give a totally different slant on the work we do. Lately we have taken to clearing psychic blockages, or clearing away dark areas of energy from sites, in particular at churches. So when Mike came to visit at the beginning of December I knew that something interesting was likely to happen. And I was not disappointed.

I had been investigating a new energy ley that I believe exists between The Wirral and Derbyshire. Due to the location of the ley and the types of sites that it goes through I have been provisionally calling the line The Royal Line. When I come to reveal it in due course then this will all make sense. This weekend in December was my first outing along the line to determine whether it really existed at the locations that I had theorised that it would. My first stop was a nearby village with its St.John the Evangelist church. Such churches are a common recurring theme along this ley.

St John's Church, Kingsley, Cheshire

Mike and I spent a short while on the car park side of the church noticing a “dark patch” emanating from the corner of the car park. We decided to come back to that later. I wanted to find the ley line, if it existed, and the investigate the church’s exterior. I was drawn to a white birch tree with peeling paper bark, the like of which I had rarely seen. It was an outstandingly beautiful contrast to the leaden grey skies all around us, and we admired its beauty before I began to dowse for the ley. Within minutes I had located it. It was easy to find – it ran the entire length of the church and the width of the church was the width of the energy ley. The ley was balanced at this point and needed no work doing to it to harmonise it. Great. Time to move on.

Near Miss Black Spots

As we peered into the road from the churchyard I pointed out a specific spot in the road where I had seen several cars have near misses, and which always made me feel uncomfortable when I drove over it. Mike noticed that there was some red tarmac at that point – an indicator that the local council also thought that this was a place to drive cautiously. In fact, there was a solar-powered “30” sign there too which flashes at anyone doing in excess of this speed, despite the fact that they are at the lower end of a long downhill stretch, making 30mph pretty difficult to attain.

Mike said that he felt that the line of holly bushes that marked the end of the church’s boundary, and which coincided with the accident blackspot, was hiding a flow of negative energies. We tracked back into the grounds and found that the negative energy was being emitted from a house on the other side of the holly barrier. Hmmm…someone in that house was giving out bad vibes, and this was being drawn along the hedge and into the point in the road where the near misses were happening. Interesting! I was about to dowse some more when Mike began to get psychic impressions about the person in the house. Then suddenly I was getting them too! I knew things about this person – felt how they felt, knew things about their life – it was all very strange to suddenly begin to describe this as though the person themselves were speaking this out loud. Between us we diagnosed the situation. I won’t divulge any more, except to say that the saving grace was that someone else was counteracting the negativity with some positive energies, and this was leaving the energy ley in a balanced state. Yet, the negativity was still feeding into the road and its vulnerable black spot. We decided to take a different tack and see if there was anything we could do on the other side of the road.

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Thresholds – a first look

I have been doing a bit of research on thresholds. For the purpose of this post we can consider a threshold to be the separation of two places of ownership or being, rather than a distinction between two type of energy (although the one does not exclude the other).

Examples of a threshold are the aura of living beings, a home or demesne of a person/family. One area that I am particularly researching is that of a Genius Loci. My use of this word represents a bounded area and the intent/wish of all of its inhabitants.

A crude analogy might be the notion of the “United Kingdom”. This isn’t a single thing, nor is it necessarily a piece of geography. It is a collection of people, place, ideas, laws, identity that holistically combines to create the “United Kingdom”.

Thus it is with a Genius Loci. A Genius Loci of a sacred site for instance would be the earth energy, any aware energies/entities that reside within. Indeed holistically speaking it is everything that is within the bounded area.

Where is your heart?

As you can imagine, since a Genius Loci is ‘imagined’ bounded area. It is the commune-er, i.e. the person on the outside looking in who determines the boundary (to some extent). For instance, I could commune with an energy being that resides in a sacred site. Then I could commune withe Genius Loci of the site, which would include the resident aware energy, then I could commune with the Genius of the hill that the site is on, which would include all of the above…and so…to the point where I could commune with the Genius of the Earth (often mis-referred to as Gaia).

Thresholds then are not so much the boundaries but the doorway through which we enter or commune with other beings.

On a simple level communing with another human requires them letting us access there being. Whether this is the mundane simple verbal communication to the energetic. For example when doing energy healing on someone it is important to gain their consent. I dowsed the following…

  • How effective is energy healing (such as Reiki) on someone who hasn’t given their explicit consent? 10-15%

People often ask (say on social media sites such as FB) for healing to be sent to them. I asked How effective the healing that was sent to them was? 35%

  • Was this because they hadn’t specifically given access to through their threshold? Yes.

Please note that by effective I mean the healing energy effecting them, this doesn’t mean that a cure was achieved. It just means the “mail getting through”.

I recall back in the day (3 years ago) when Gwas and I practiced some distance work on each others homes. It was surprisingly difficult until we realised that we had to let the other in, energetically so to speak.

An interesting question that I asked was…How effective is negative energy being sent to a person? I got a weird half-half answer to this (which as you know means that I was missing something).

As a side note. I have really started to like the “there is something missing” response. It gives your intuition a sharp kick.

What could be missing? I wondered whether negative energy could be sent to a person at all? Yes, was the response. My thinking was on the lines of someone hating another person or seeking revenge or malicious thoughts. It seems that these ‘do’ have an effect on the other.

I pondered some more and finally thought of something. Belief is a powerful tool and from the teachings of Don Juan (ala Carlos Castaneda) I recalled that the power of disbelief was equally as powerful.

My thinking went thus…if a person believes in the whole energy thing then they would be affected by negative energies going their way, more so than someone who doesn’t believe.

My results concluded that a person who had no belief in intention and energy had virtually no effect on an equally disbelieving person. It appears that their has to be a strong belief and intention for the energy to get through as it were. On the receiving end it was a similar affair, the more one believed the more the effects got through. Up to a point though! If the threshold of the person was secure i.e. they hadn’t invited specifically the other person to send energy then the effect was severely limited.

If your asking a lot of questions…what about this, that and the other. So was I but this is just a prelim report if you will and the topic is Thresholds.

The threshold of a home is created by the love and presence of the people with in. Equally though the absance of one or both of these pretty much destroys the threshold. Any foreign energy can come and go as it pleases. Like auras, the threshold of a home takes its characteristics and strength from those who live in it. Even a strong threshold won’t stop someone physically entering your home and doing damage, but it will certainly limit the energetic damage they can do, both from without and from within.

An important note that most energy aware people should know is that of treating someone as a guest. If you feel that a person has negative intent towards you then it is best not to invite them into your home, for any reason. And if you have to then make sure that you limit their access to the rooms (remember rooms too have a threshold). Also make sure that you cleanse after them and intentionally close the door behind them in an energetic sense. Above all one should avoid giving anything to such a person, even as simple as a drink of water.

The reverse is absolutely true also, inviting an emotionally/energetically friendly and good intentioned person into your home strengthens the threshold. Generally speaking the protection forded by a threshold is proportional to the love of your home. For instance, do you feel that your house is your home?

Well that about wraps up this appetiser on thresholds. I will be reporting back with a lot more details about thresholds and how to create and protect them.

Kal Malik exploring the edge.

Calanais II: lumpy and grumpy

Sometimes it’s only when you finish writing a post that you realise what it was all about, and can summarise it. Well, as an introduction to this post I want to warn you that if you’re feeling anything but extremely up-beat at the moment then you might want to skip to another cheery post, like “The Hanging Tree“. Maybe not. We do have cheery posts, but this one is different. Different for an interesting reason. Even while M and I were having the experience I am about to relate, we knew we were being dampened by some force when we visited Callanish II stone circle. We had just come from Callanish III, which is only a minute’s drive away. I, in particular, was quite buoyant at my findings at Cal II, and was eager to find more stuff. Then we arrived.

Callanish II is also known as ‘Cnoc Ceann a’Gharraidh‘ in the original Gaelic, which translates as “Hillock at the end of the wall”. Sounds better in the Gaelic, I think. It is, however, this kind of uninspiring name that seems befitting to a site that on this day was immensely uninspiring. Maybe it needs a sunny day, or perhaps a flock of eagles to fly over, or something. Of all the sites we visited during our early Spring weekend to Lewis, this site had to be one that left us with a feeling of “we shouldn’t have bothered”. Which is quite remarkable, because the circle has some big impressive stones remaining. It should engender a feeling of wonder and the idea that at any moment something magical might happen. But it didn’t for me.

It is neatly sandwiched between the main Callanish I and Callanish III sites, but lacks their splendour or majesty. Saying that – here’s a link to a very moody shot of the whole circle:

As an example, we parked at the end of the small lane leading up to the circle. No-one else was there, except a family of spotted pigs that trotted past us, hurrying to reach their shelter in the abandoned house alongside the field next to the circle. The pigs had, as you would expect, lovingly churned up the ground so that it was lumpy and awkward to cross their field.


We entered the stone circle site to be confronted by the five remaining tall stones. I dowsed around the edge to find out how many there had originally been and counted well, I don’t know how many. I knew at the time but now my GPS trail is impossible to follow for some reason, I remember I was having all sorts of fun trying to press the buttons through my gloves. That was the kind of lethargic, frustrating and debilitating feeling I was getting from the site.

We’ve come across this quality of an area that is imbued with negative energy. It causes arguments, saps your desire to do anything purposeful, thwarts your attempts to overcome it, and then makes you not able to even form the idea that there might be some unhelpful energy forms there. You just prefer to leave everything alone. You can’t rouse yourself to make any positive change. It’s only later, when you’re away from its grip, that you begin to wonder why you let that happen? Why didn’t you think to do something about it? Cunning stuff, this black energy! It has innate qualities that promote its own survival, and keeps it from being detected and eradicated on the spot. We find that dis-embodied sentient energies have similar qualities.


What I did manage to achieve there was to dowse for missing stones, I think I found at least three, possibly as many as five, places where stones had been removed. Again – why can’t I tell you exactly how many I found? Why didn’t I record it in my notebook that was in my pocket? Why is it the only circle whose GPS trace data is so unclear that I couldn’t discern anything useful from it? No reason, of course. Just coincidence, eh?

A couple of former stone placements were already marked by someone who had put a small stone on those places (the obvious ones). I found the less immediately obvious ones with my trusty copper L-rods and where possible I marked it with a stone that was from outside the circle. In the picture below I have just nudged a stone back into place that had been shifted. Maybe the pigs have been doing quietly marking them? 😉


Whatever the purpose of this stone circle was it was now suffering from some form of malaise. Both M and I could feel it as we walked around. Neither of us were happy to be there and we both wanted me to get the dowsing 0ver and done with as soon as possible. I had one more thing I wanted to look at, which was the inner ring of stones that marked the cairn that had once been built within the circle. Within that – at the very centre of the circle (well, off-centre, but central) was a small ring of small stones and a central white stone. I dowsed for it having had human habitation within it, but then the rods fell to my side again and I aimlessly wandered about again.

I summoned up some half-hearted enthusiasm. What if I located a white stream power centre? I walked around asking to be taken to one, if one existed. I was taken to a flat female stone that was near to the parade of three tall standing stones that formed the remainder of what must have been a once-impressive circle. This female flat stone also dowsed for male energies, and for white stream energy. Would this be beneficial to me? I asked. “Of course”, came the dowsing response. I kept that in minf and put the rods down again. Look at that white stone in the centree, I said to myself. Hmmm. Hmmm, what?


You could get a good view of Callanish I on the next hill over the Loch. And if you crane your head between the stones you can make out Callanish III on the ridge a few hundred feet on the other side. How strange to build three circles so close to each other! What purpose did that serve, I wondered? I mused. Rain fell. Winds blew. Pigs grunted.

I shook my head again vigorously to recover. It bought me a few seconds of time to step onto the female transformer stone, where I drew some energy into myself – enough to protect myself from the seeping negative feeling. Immediately I felt warmer and more relaxed. Unfortunately M didn’t, so I picked the rods up and formulated more questions in my energy bubble.

This site was full of male pointed standing stones. There were one or two female stones – only one, if I remember rightly, was for a still standing stone. Again that female transformer stone was flat. I wanted to dowse for the energy patterns coming in and out of it, like usual, but didn’t.


One last thing to try. I picked up my staff and walked around the circle three times clockwise to try to invigorate the energies in the nemeton. This usually had a positive effect. By the third time around I could feel the energies flowing with and around me. Well, at least I had stirred things up a bit!

We went to sit back in the car as the rain struck up another orchestra of pings, splats and drips. The rain started heavily now, lashed sideways by the increasing winds coming in from all corners. Then to our surprise a cyclist arrived. He walked to stones, once around, got out and inspected a little paper bundle, and then ten seconds later rode off again.  Tick-in-the-Box, I said. But a bloody hardy one!

Having felt as though we had recovered our senses a little, and re-kindled our enthusiasm, we drove off towards the other interesting sites along the north-west coast of Lewis.


Following the main road away from Cal II quickly.

Energetic House Clearance 2 – The ‘Good’ Stuff

Following a lighter path

Ok, so we have seen what the dark energies were like in my humble home lets explore the light energies.

I had already determined that there were some with the question

  • Is there any positive energies inthis house? Yes
  • Take me to the source of the positive energies

Again (as is the rule it seems) expect the unexpected (e-t-u from now on) and off I went right up the stairs and into the study and spiralled just off center (which happens a lot with power centers).

upstais-4I guess in the weird world that we’re in it made sense (yeah right) since there were no dark energies in the study. Still I hadn’t expected it.

With my investigative head on I began to interrogate it (what? – this isn’t a philosophy post!)

  • Is this a white stream source? Yes – just checking
  • Using the same scales as before what energy level would this be at? 4 – 4! O no thats a bit low on juice :-(
  • What energy signature does it have? neutral, male or female? Female
  • Is it a spiral? yes
  • Widdershun? Yes

Ok, I essentially wanted to find out how this source came to be here, but as readers will know turning a “how” question into a binary – yes/no – question is an interesting and intuitive process. So, after many wrong avenues which I wont bore you with I eventually came up with:

  • Has this white stream come about because of love?Yes
  • Anything else? Yes – always important to ask this one – which is often forgotten!
  • Has this white stream come about because of peace?Yes

So what it seams to me that my (and yes I asked) peaceful and loving states in the study had brought about the existence of this white stream. By the way I say mine because up until a about a year and a half ago I was living here with my partner – who incidently didn’t venture into the study alot.

Where to now

It was time to see where this white stream would go and I was hoping that it would track back the path of the black stream into the garden…but e-t-u strikes again…

upstais-5Wow – right into the next room and a power center then out of the window to the rose bush.

  • What is the scale of energy here? 0 – zero?

Null point? whats that about? Then I remembered that I had dowsed for zero for the Black stream energy in this room too! So I asked…

  • Is the white stream and black stream energy cancelling each other out? Yes – Ah!!

Now thats interesting isnt it? Then I recalled that in the front room there was also a zero energy rating, that was right below where the white stream is so I rushed off downstairs and in the front room asked…

  • Is the black stream energy center in here rated at zero? Yes – always make a check!
  • Is it zero because of the white stream energy upstairs cancelling out the black stream energy? Yes – aha!

But I thought how can the energy upstairs be affecting things downstairs, for example there is a black stream energy center in the bed room – but it isnt affecting the living room (which is below the bedroom) or is it? I went into living room…

  • Is there any energies here?No

Why? hmmmm…after some musing I asked

  • Is it because there needs to be a energy center above and below? Yes – intuition kicks ass!


Lets summarise for a minute here…

I have this wopping massive level 7 black stream energy that is flowing through my house into nearly all the rooms leaving in its wake pools of energy!

On the other hand I have a rather weak – level 4 – white stream energy in two rooms of the house…where do you think I am sleeping tonight?

There is only one word to describe this scenario! Scary Mary (well two).

I’ll close this post with two hope filled answers.

  • Can I change the energies in this house so that the black stream will fade? Yes
  • Do I have the skills and tools neccessary to do this?Yes

Stay tuned for the next installment of how I began the cleansing process…remember e-t-u


Energetic House Clearance 1 – The Dark Side

Lay of the land

Having just completed a lengthy contract of work, work and more work. I decided that my house not only needed a clearing out materialisticly but also energetically. A point of interest here is that I have been prolifickly dowsing energies for about a year or so and yet haven’t dowsed my house for energies. Is/was there a reason for this? Subconscious or no? Lets come to that question later…

It will be useful to give you a look at how my house is laid out so here is a diagram to get you going.


We have the ground floor which consists of:

  • front garden which has a rose bush in the center of it (RB)
  • front room and living room (knocked through into one)
  • kitchen
  • conservatory
  • back garden which has a tiled border around a large section of grass


The upstairs cosists of:

  • bath room
  • bedroom
  • a study (well bedroom that is converted into)
  • small room – which is a storage room really

To begin with all dowsing that was of a exploratory kind (or what I call tracking paths) e.g.

  • take me to…
  • follow the energy…
  • connect me with the energy…

was started at the front door – thus giving the option of going up the stairs if necessary. Any question oriented dowsing e.g. is there a power center here still? was done where such was discovered or at the point of interest.

Negative Energies

Ok, Standing at the entrace lobby of my house I asked with some trepidation:

  • Is there a negative energy center in this house? Yes

Ok…that was kind of worrying, so for immediate confidence boost I asked…

  • Is there a positive energy center in the house? Yes

That felt alot better, so onwards we go…

  • Is there more than one negative energy center in the house? No
  • Is there more than one positive energy center in the house? No

well at least they can balance each other out I thought at the time.

Using a single rod – right handed – I said:

  • take me to the source of negative energy

now I was expecting to be taken someplace in the house – my first suspicion was to the bathroom because I had a leaky tap there and according to Feng Shui there are issues over leaky taps (more later on that)

But to my utter surprise and unexpectedly (more of these to follow I assure you) I was led right through the kitchen and out of the back door to a spot in the garden some three feet from the door and slightly to the right of it (see diagram).


Now I have to say again this was completed unexpected, so much so that I didn’t even have the back door unlocked and had to find the key for it!

Ok, so I had found the source, down to some investigations…

  • Is this the source of the negative energy? Yes
  • Does the energy flow in from anywhere? No
  • Does it flow out to some place? Yes (will explore later)
  • Is it Male, Female or Neutral ? Male and Neutral

The male and neutral got me thinking about what Gwas had said about Black Streams being male and neutral (link). So I asked…

  • Is this negative energy center what Gwas would call a black stream? Yes

Aha…now we are getting really close with this ere energy I thought to myself (did I hear the Trickster laugh then? youbetchya!)

Ok here is a scary question that for dear life I hoped was a no!

  • Is this energy aware or sentient? No phew was that a relief
  • Is it anything to do with a energy entity? No – double checking never did any harm!

So back to the flow of this energy…

  • Follow the path that this energy goes and twirl at any energy centers

It went first into the conservatory and twirled, there were further power centers in the kitchen, front room, bedroom and small room and then it went out of the window (I don’t understand how it did this) and to the rose bush in the front garden. Points to note: in the bedroom it was exactly where I rest my head on the bed and in the living room it was on the edge of a sofa! Also there was no Black stream energy in the living room, study or bath room.



Basically my house had this black stream flowing throught it! Scary Mary!

Going back to the source I formulated a basic measurement scale of 1 to 10 thus:

1. don’t worry about its no big deal

5. o my god this is serious do something about this asap!

10. ok this is like a radiation leak – get the sheep out of here and the shepherds

armed with this rudimentary scale I stood over the black stream source and asked.

  • According to my scale is this source at a level less than 5? No
  • Are you sure? ok I didnt really expect an answer to that one

After some narrowing down I discovered it to be a 7 bloody noora batty!! A seven! The further away from the garden the power center was the lower its level, with a couple of anomalies:


And upstairs….


As you can see I got two readings in the front room 0 and 3 and in the small room I got a power center but a level of 0. Both of these were explained later…

Slightly or rather a lot shook up I decided to go in search of happier grounds and the positive energy center

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