Hedge Druidry

The Watcher’s Portal

This dramatic story begins one late May evening, when the sun is out. Oh, and it’s the month’s full moon too. It’s a long story, but it really is worth the reading effort. The drama is in the detail, to paraphrase a saying. The decision is made by Kal – we are heading to Nine Ladies stone […]

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Faery | Quickie

A dance in the full moon at Nine Ladies

No, not a naked dance! It was the full moon and Gwas and I decided on what better a place to visit than the Nine Ladies in Derbyshire. An early evening start and a clear run had us there quite some time before the moons arrival. Upon reaching the outskirts of the site, I asked […]

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Quests | Visions

Haunted by the Moon

As readers will know, I have been on a quest to unveil nine questions from within a Dragons Soul Book that is embedded in my chest. What I need to do after they have been revealed is still a mystery. However in a previous post I mentioned that two of those questions, although found had […]

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