Hedge Druidry

The Last of Those Who Know

I have been using my pen name of Gwas Myrddyn since I started this blog in the middle of 2008. It has adopted a personality all of its own now, and it feels like a well-worn leather glove which slips comfortably over me, shielding me with its anonymity. However, last year I was guided to […]

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Imbolc 2014 part 3 of 5 : Fire and Ice at the Druids Circle

Prelude In my previous Imbolc 2014 posts, I told how Gwas and I had changed plans mid-stream and ended up at Dinas Emrys. A fabulous place of power where I had collected a (quite literally) pocket full of quartz crystals. About an hour after that climb we were parked at the foot of Penmaenmar looking out […]

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Nine stones close and the missing links

I was confused. I had been informed that I had collected the nine questions that formed my quest to uncover (or reveal) the Dragons Soul Book. However looking through the questions I had noted, I found only seven. What is the deal here? I got our list of sacred sites and divined which to visit […]

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