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Spring 2015-P5 – Oak Staff of Sherwood

For a while I’ve felt that I needed a staff that is more practical than my too-obvious antlered yew staff. The yew staff was right at the time, and is good for ceremonial occasions, but is impractical, too decorative, and was fashioned by someone else. I felt I needed something more subtle that I can carve […]

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Hedge Druidry

The Watcher’s Portal

This dramatic story begins one late May evening, when the sun is out. Oh, and it’s the month’s full moon too. It’s a long story, but it really is worth the reading effort. The drama is in the detail, to paraphrase a saying. The decision is made by Kal – we are heading to Nine Ladies stone […]

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Ancient Sites

The Heartbeat of Sherwood

Often I need to squeeze an evening out of nowhere in order to get my spiritual path moving a little. I had been stagnating for a while, burdened by “life” getting in the way of what I wanted to do. It happens sometimes. So, I made some time and invited Kal to come with me […]

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Dowsing | Healing | Magick | Trees

Sickness, Shadows and Swords

As the nights draw in here for the Northern Hemisphere countries our lives begin to change in subtle ways. We lose the lightning power of The Sun in the mornings and evenings. As this power is depleted the changes may even be mirrored in our body chemistry, and consequently in our thought processes. For many […]

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