Ancient Sites

Ionian Equinox 8 – Spirit Release Epilogue

In this final part of our two-day trip to Iona I will tell you a quick story about an incident that was indeed quite incidental to the rest of the pilgrimage. Pilgrimage? Is that what I’m calling this now? I supose it was, really. I was visiting the land formerly walked by druids, and which […]

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Magick | Theory

The signs have it and a prediction comes true

A few months ago I was returning from work on a lovely sunny afternoon when a bright shining light caught my attention. Hold on, it wasn’t anything mysterious. It was the sun sparkling of the face of a distant church. I was surprised by the sight and felt a calling to it. As is rarely […]

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Edge Wizardry

Ignoring the signals on the Knights Quest

This Saturday I had many tasks planned and as Friday evening approached I had lined all my ducks in a row ready for the weekend. However after Saturday mornings Costa coffee. I changed my mind and decided a good hike into the south was definitely required. Even as I returned back to my lodgings I […]

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