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2012 – Summary of the Year by Gwas

My summary of the year could easily take up several posts, but I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’m going to highlight the many important distinct elements that have taken place this year, and then provide links to the posts that illustrate these elements. On the whole it has been an amazingly packed, dense, active year. […]

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Orbs | Other Entities

Imbolc 2012 Part 2 The green knight

  It surprises me that Gwas is still amazed when the sun is out on our days out. With the number of times that the sun has an impossible task of appearing and yet our sacred journey becomes basked in its glow is ominously curious. Nevertheless, touting the fates (and the weather predictors) once again […]

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Orbs – just can’t dismiss them

I once thought I caught a phenomenon commonly called an “Orb” in a photograph I took in 2010 at the West Kennett Long Barrow in Wiltshire. I had been inside doing some meditation. When I finished I went around each chamber taking pictures for the blog. Later, when I looked at the chamber in the photograph […]

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Modern Druidry

West Kennet Long Barrow: Decoded and Orbed

If you stand a bit further back when you read this post, say about ten feet away, then the scanned-in pictures in this post take on a whole new perspective. It wasn’t intentional, but when I spotted it I thought I’d leave it like that. Might get you into an unusual conversation with those around you. […]

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