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Shamanic Lands 1 – Discovering the Twelve Winds

At the beginning of June I was privileged to attend one of the most inspirational and heart-warming, not to mention educational and amusing weekends I have ever known. Shamanic Lands is a series of seminars which seemed custom-made for me. Not only was it centred upon the notion of recovering the shamanic teachings of our […]

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Quickie | Signs and Synchronicity

The Certainty of Things

It was exactly 1:08 in the afternoon. I was sat with a couple of friends at a cafe when the question of, “what next?” arose. This inevitably led to a glance at the time-piece replacement that we all carry now. Our mobile devices. Which of course have several other distracting features. In order to respond […]

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Hedge Druidry | Quickie

Bardic Shape-shifting

I am now adept at putting my consciousness outside of myself. The great Bran taught me many of these skills, and others I have worked on through my own training, guided as always by those forces unseen which lend their collective hands to guide me along this druidic path. Consciousness relocation is a skill which […]

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Bookshelf | News article

Death of an Amateur Turf Cutter

Seamus Heaney – poet, Irishman and amateur turf cutter – died today aged 74. He was one of the poets whom I truly enjoyed when I was studying poetry at university. As his spiral turns to completion we can only wonder at where such genius with words will re-appear amongst us. Here are some of his inspiring words […]

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