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Menorca – Death Energy at a Fort

Fort Marlborough, nr. Es Castell, Menorca – October 9th 2013 I recently went to Menorca – one of the beautiful Balearic Islands off the eastern coast of Spain. One of the ways in which I was persuaded to go there was that not only was it a great destination for some autumn sunshine, but it was […]

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More powers of the staff

In a previous post I talked about the recently discovered information concerning my staff. I had discovered that it had acquired some powers courtesy of the Elemental |Masters that I had encountered at Tinkinswood Chamber near Cardiff. After doing a tarot reading I discovered the nature of those powers. To recap those powers were:- Earth […]

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Sickness, Shadows and Swords

As the nights draw in here for the Northern Hemisphere countries our lives begin to change in subtle ways. We lose the lightning power of The Sun in the mornings and evenings. As this power is depleted the changes may even be mirrored in our body chemistry, and consequently in our thought processes. For many […]

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How To

New – How To Create a Power Centre in Your Home

I have just added a new “How To” article from Kal that talks about how to create a power centre in your own home. We frequently mention the concept of a power centre (see our Glossary page for a definition) but now Kal takes you through the steps he has used recently himself to create […]

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