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Saving Annabel”

I never quite know how these things come about, but a friend of a friend of a friend of Kal’s mentioned something about their house being haunted, and next thing you know Kal’s inviting me to call them to arrange a visit. Now I like to be prepared. Hence, there were introductory phone calls, confirmation […]

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Ancient Sites | Dragons

Circle of Dragons and Druids

After my experience getting to know my spirit guide at Penmaenawr‘s famous Druid’s Circle I met up once more with Kal who had been off having his own adventures, as usual. It seems that whenever we come to this sacred stone circle there are revelations, ruminations and investigations aplenty. It never fails to deliver something […]

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Ancient Sites

Delphi – Pan’s Tour

I was only at Delphi because Kal wanted to be there. You may have read already about his Dragon’s Soul quest and the book of its lives that needed unlocking. Delphi was the place he was hoping to do that. On this quest, I as the sidekick. However, I did have a few ideas about what I might […]

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