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Fire Element in Cairo – Egypt 2

An Element Quest is what I am on. Or at least one of the quests. Earlier this year, I had gained the Element of Earth in Brittany, France. Then in Ireland I gained the Element of Water. At that place I also learned that the Element of Fire was to be gained in Egypt. Which […]

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Ancient Sites

Egypt – The Power of the Pyramids

Pyramids and Pyramyths The only question I needed to answer when faced with the gigantic step facade of the Great Pyramid was whether I wanted to pay to go inside the structure. Of course I did! I hadn’t come all this way not to take an opportunity like that. We escaped the afternoon sun and […]

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Hedge Druidry | Quickie

The eagerly anticipated year 2012


Following on from what my fearless friend has begun to put out there into the Make-It-So-O-Sphere, I too have a list of things that I am anticipating doing this year. Inspired by Kal’s list I have dug deep into my bonce and lifted out some thoughts that were lurking within, and then combined them with […]

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