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The Final Solution

2013 has been engrossed in a quest that I have called, the Dragons Soul Book quest. Sounds like something out of a fantasy book, right. Still, it is what it is. In essence it was to gain, recover or discover nine questions. The story, in detail, is told throughout this blog. But I will do a catchup post later in the week. For this post I want to relate how the last of the questions was recovered and typical of quests, pretty much at the last moment.

Time was running out. It was the Solstice in 3 days and I was a question short. “Don’t Panic” is apt advice at this time, but one has to ask, “do you really want to go around the spiral again, particularly if it’s a year-long”? No! So I was in panic mode. Although the Winter time is quiet in my line of work. It has been hectically busy this year. So when a text arrived from a friend asking whether I wanted to go off on a 4 hour jaunt I vacillated to the point of having a “Yes” and a “No” text at the ready.

As a side note: Many times I have been asked as to what is good to dowse for in life’s choices. This is an excellent example of such a case. When you have a yes/no choice and the benefits seem to equate. Instead of determining it on the turn of dice, why not ask which is energetically beneficial. Which is exactly what I did and thus the next day I was sat in the car with my friend heading towards the quaint town of Buxton, UK, just on the outskirts of Derbyshire.

Upon arrival my friend got busy with her stuff, so I was left with an hour to wander and ponder. Or rather, surreptitiously ask the Rods (in the middle of a town by the way) which way I should go to benefit from this energy. They pointed me up the street from where we had parked. Ten minutes later I saw on the other side of the road an olde worlde book shop. You know what I mean, right. Quaint, nooks and crannies, dusty and out of print books. I was tempted to cross over, but wanted to see what was further up the road.

Buxton Bookshop

Buxton Bookshop

A few more minutes walk in the bracing cold revealed nada. So, on an intuitive hunch, I asked the rods whether the bookshop was what they had been meaning? Yes. Minutes later I was in the shop.

It being early morning Thursday, the shop was deserted of customers and so made it easy to utilise the dowsing rods to find the book that I was being directed to (of course it was a book). The shoppe had five floors of books with two or three rooms on each floor. The rods led me right to the top floor (no surprise) and to a section titled, Religion. Terrific (sic)!

Using binary splits, I got to a single book on the subject of Qabalah and the Tree of Life. Leafing through the book, a single word caught my eye, Chakra. In a book on the Qabalah!? For those who might not know, chakras are my pet subject. So, beyond the fact that the rods had selected it. I was now very interested in this book.

For a moment I considered another binary search of the book to find the page that would be of note, if page it was. But felt that that was not the way here. I asked the rods my penultimate question. Is the question I am seeking in this book? Yes.

Sitting down in a comfy seat in the shop, I got in state and closing my eyes, flipped through the book to land on a random page. Taking a deep breath, I opened my eyes and looked at the two pages that I had opened the book on. A single heading was in the middle of the second page…

“What have you learned?”

Simple, elegant and conclusive! My final question of the rods confirmed that this was indeed the question that completed the set of nine. It had only taken a ten months and a few thousand miles to do.

Kal Malik – the Winter Solstice beckons.

Samhain Pilgrimage 3: Avebury and the Bells

It was early Sunday morning as Julie and I set off on the hours drive from our hotel to Avebury. Of course I have visited this amazing site on many occasions and had some beautiful experiences there. So I went with high hopes of the same again. I suspect that Avebury is difficult for dowsers because it is just huge. How are you supposed to get a sense of it? Where do you start? With a question.

  • Is there anything I can do for this sacred place?

It is a good question to start with I feel and one that got a “No” response from the dowsing rods. Brilliant. Onto the second question.

  • Is there anything I can learn at this place today?

If not for it, then for me, right? The rods responded with a “Yes”. Excellent. Now then, before rushing off into what, where and why. It is a good idea to prepare in some fashion. After all you don’t visit special friends with muck and crap on your person, do you?

  • Take me to a place I can cleanse and prepare my personal energies…
Cleansing at Avebury

Cleansing at Avebury

And off the rods took me. Quite far actually, right round to the other end of the site and to a stone that had a bit of sitting place on it. I squeezed into the place and allowed my energy to settle into a balanced vibration. Once I felt ready, I was up and off to gain the gift that this ancient place had to offer.

  • Take me to a place I can learn something of value…

Again, I was sent almost back to where I had started. I stood between two huge gateway stones. They are the biggest at Avebury I think. Here I let the silence of the early morning rise within me and it was mingled with the sound of bells from some distant church. What was there here for me, my thoughts asked. As my mind cleared a question arose from within me:

“What is seeking you?”

I was surprised and filled with gratitude. What an unexpected gift. Another question from the Dragons Soul Book. How many did that make I wondered? Were the nine now complete?

I pondered these questions before pondering the actual question itself. What is seeking me? Was there anything seeking me? A puzzle within a puzzle.

As I mused on this I went looking for my dear friend Julie. It was time for breakfast.

Kal Malik – being sought.

Summer Solstice 2013 p7 Tintagel and the Knights of the Round Table

There are dreams and then there are visions. How do you distinguish between the two? It must have been around 5 in the morning when I was awakened by a sound. I could not place it and took it for the noise of a car door closing. We were after all right next to a main car park. Turning over I went back to sleep. Even as I did so I felt my energy double stir within me and whether I was in a hypnogogic state, day dreaming or dreaming for real, I felt myself rise from my body and float out of the door. Honestly, I prefer dreams. At least in those you have instantaneous travel.  In this experience I floated down the main street of Tintagel and then down the long walk towards the bay. The tide was in again as I levitated down the side of the small cliff to the waters edge.

I just wanted to say that I was not in control here. Rather I was being guided by some other force. My intuition? My Double? Something else?

Reaching the water, I glided into the first cave on the left. As I went in the cave transformed into another place that was overlaid with the cave and the sea. So it seemed like I was in two places at the same time. The other place was a giant hall where people milled around, busy going hither and thither. I tried to interrupt them and failed. It seemed that I was a ghost to them as I was a ghost to myself? I then floated into another cave, with much the same result. The third cave (over to the right now), Merlin’s cave was next and as I walked in I was greeted by a shining man. Light exuded from his being and I knew him to be Merlin. “You are late” he said and ushered me into the cave, which again was overlaid with a truly huge hall, far bigger than the cave was.

Tintagel One

Tintagel One

Both surprised at being seen and at meeting the famed wizard with some humility and a lot of awe I walked into the hall. Within was a massive round table. But it was no ordinary table. Rather than being made of wood, it seemed to be made of light. Three bright circles of light traversed its edge and between the second and third line were runes that I did not recognise nor was able to read.

Note: I know this sounds like it is out of a story book – think of how I feel relating it to you?

Around the table sat eight knights, recognisable by their attire. I was being ushered to a seat by Merlin (seriously!) and as I gaped in every direction, including the burning runes on the table. He said to me that “you will not be able to read them now. But you will know their meaning soon” With those words he rushed over to a seat on the edge of the hall. I looked around at the assembled knights and felt myself in good, honoured and respectful company. They were conversing with each other, laughing and joking until my gaze going around the table (it was a big table) fell upon the King. Of course he was the king, his armour, bearing and depth of gaze left no doubt. But – and what a surprise – he was so young. Maybe late 20′s early 30′s. As I watched him the rest of the room fell silent.

Tintagel Two

Tintagel Two

One after the other, the knights stood up and told of their quests. Each was magnificent, mighty, heroic and quite honestly – alien to me. What the quests where I cannot remember. But I do recall that they did not speak with the “thee’s” and “thou’s”. Another thing is that as they spoke images arose from within their breasts and played upon the surface of the table. As if the table had drawn out there tales.

It’s called creeping doom. When you are sat in a circle awaiting your turn to show and tell. That’s how I felt. Their adventures were magnificent, brave, noble and daring. With each telling I felt myself shrink deeper into my chair. As the knights tales came alive on the surface of the table, the other knights would laugh, cry, cheer and slam the table with their fists at any salient point.

So it came to my time. Now, you don’t me, that well, but I have no problems standing up in an audience and telling my tale. Non at all, except here. I stood up and the knight next to me, gave me an encouraging thump. Ouch! I began with a stutter and then something strange happened. I had thought that as the knights had told their tales the table had given them 3D life. But that was not even close to the case. I opened my mouth and the energy? from the table literally drew the tale out of me. It was as if the story was wrapped on a record and the table pulled a string from within me that turned some mechanism and I spoke the tale. Vivid images of Dragons, Goddesses and travel flew out of me and onto the table building a story that – really and truly – made me gasp. The knights were not silent in their appreciation either. They applauded and “awed” to my tale as equally as the others.  The kinship I felt was unbelievable. For the second time at Tintagel I keenly felt, home.

Tintagel Caves

Tintagel Caves

As my tale progressed I recall an amazing thing. At one point the Dragons soul book floated out onto the table and from within it globes rose into the glittering light. I peered at them, just as surprised as the others. Inside one of them, I saw words…they were the questions that I have been seeking! With excitement I lent forward to try to read what the words said. Alas the game is not so easily won and I was denied there truths for the moment.

My tale complete I sat down to great applause as the next knight stood and began his adventure. I wish I could recall their tales but there is no memory of the detail at all. Sad really. Some time later, I came into consciousness again and was leaving the hall. It seemed I had to go back through the other two caves to leave (of course they aren’t serial – more of a case of in and out of each one). I went into the second cave and found a that the decor had changed. It was the work room of an artisan who was hard at work creating some work. I looked over his shoulder and he stepped aside so I could see (yes, he could see me now). It was a knights crest. A dragon, a heart and a phoenix. Powerful creatures I thought until I doh!’ed and realised that it was MY crest! Idiot! The craftsman pushed me away towards the first cave. As I stepped in, I realised that its size and hight had grown to immense proportions and in it stood Caileach.

No, she wasn’t a huge hundred foot tall woman. She was the same height she has always been. However her aura was indeed the size of the cavern. Her presence was overwhelming. She looked at me and in me. I felt her touch the Solstice Energy that I had captured. She smiled as a though occurred to me. In my tale-telling I had not mentioned the Solstice Energy experience. I looked at My Goddess. Who smiled that enigmatic smile. “That is my gift for you and to you” she said and with a truly hollywood gesture she held up her hand palm upwards and blew. I was blown backwards and as I did I saw that a being of light was left in the hall as I, my consciousness returned to the room in the Inn. My energy double was gone, again.

I awoke and saw that the time was 7am. two hours had elapsed. Had it felt longer, yes. I arose and grabbed my rods. The only connection to the mysterious that was left to me. I asked and asked and asked. The clinking yes’s awoke Gwas next door.

Kal Malik – Brethren


Summer Solstice 2013 p5 The Next Question at the Merry Maidens

The next sacred stop on our pilgrimage was the Merry Maidens. I say the next, but in reality we do stop off at other sites too. But herein I describe only the ones where pertinent work occurred. If you pop over and see some of Gwas’s posts, you may discover some extra sites that were of note for him. Anyway. We drove past the Merry Maidens (I have been there a couple of times before but I might be forgiven for the loss of direction since one of those times was near midnight after many hours of driving).

Merry Maidens

Merry Maidens

Sealing the Solstice Energy

It was around 5pm when we arrived at the maidens and the sun was keeping us company despite the dire weather predictions (hah!). Gwas and I explored the energies of the place before settling into our own respective work. I was given to lie somewhere just off the centre of the circle and Gwas became an outlier. As had been the case at several other site visits, I began by capturing the Solstice Energy (see Bascawen-Un visit for how I learned to do that). This was to be the fourth site that I had collected the energies and was wondering how many more it would be before I was complete when a thought flooded my consciousness. This was it. This was the last site and would also form the seal. So again I claimed the Solstice Energies and this time as they returned from touching each of the stones I felt that they brought with them a symbol. It was to be the seal that held the energies inside of me.

I lay there feeling the energy stir within me (hadn’t felt that until now). To what purpose would I use these? I didn’t know and no answer was forthcoming from neither Caileach or my Energy Double. I got up and suddenly felt the urge to run. Taking off my shoes I began to run through the field that surrounded the Merry Maidens. I ran and ran, exhilarated and filled with (pardon the pun) energy. It was a magnificent feeling.

I was by no means tired but felt the urge to commune with the spirit of the place. Taking my rods, I explored the maidens again, in search of the Genius Loci. As I followed the direction of the rods a thought surprised me. It was the Solstice and here we were at a Sun aligned site and yet we were the only ones gracing it. Where have ye pagans gone? I thought.

A Question

Merry Maiden Offerings

Merry Maiden Offerings

With the aid of the rods, I found the place the Genius Loci was lurking (well maybe not lurking) and with respect and greeting sat besides her (I felt it was a her). Opening my mind to commune resulted in almost instantaneous connection.

Note: Gwas and I have pondered this often of late. i.e. the ease with which connection and commune occurs. It is almost an expected thing these days. Beautiful!

The Merry Maidens guardian spirit had noted our visit and experiences and was – it is hard to say it like this – but it felt happy that we were there – perhaps completed would be a better word – as if on this sacred day – it also needed people to make something of the enemy. Yes, it was certainly a grateful connection. The spirit looked into me and I knew it saw the Dragons Soul book. In an almost gifting kind of way, it released a question from the book into my consciousness…

What is in your heart?

I was both surprised and delighted at the same time. In no way was I expecting such a gift, after all I had just gained the experience of sealing the solstice energies within me. But then who says you can only have one experience per sacred site? Thankful and awed, I sought out Gwas to relate my experience to him and to also beg some incense sticks to light in form of gratefulness.

This done, I felt that the Solstice had been completed and although we had a couple of places left on our journey for that evening. I felt that my day had come to close. Gwas and I walked back through the field towards the place the car was parked (the Maidens are definitely an easy access site). Arriving at the car first a thought nudged me and I turned to Gwas…”Where is your staff?”

You will have to read Gwas’s posts to find out what that was about…

Kal Malik – completed.

Oracle of Delphi Part 2 A Guided Tour of Delphi

Delphi From AboveAfter our death defying attempt to access the cave we returned to main ruins of Delphi. I recall that as we had left the hotel in the morning the manager had warned us that a rain front was heading our way. I had laughed of course. “Didn’t he know that we were Sun bringers” I quipped to Gwas. As I had predicted at that time, the sun was above the horizon and promising to be a day long companion. The ruins that the pictures show are about a quarter of a mile from the town of Delphi. They begin near the bottom of a hill and as the paths wind up it, you come across many signed monuments until at almost the top you come across the Temple of Apollo. I took out my dowsing rods, right from the get go and asked to be taken by the most beneficial route to a place where I could commune with the Oracle of Delphi.


What a journey! The rods were truly on form today as I was led from beautiful vantage point to awesome site view. As I left Gwas behind and on his own personal quests, I was joined by a dog who scampered occasionally behind me and often in-front. The dog seemed aware of where the rods would take me or so it seemed. So much so that after a few minutes I wondered as to whether I was being guided by the dog. Well, not the dog, but a spirit inhabiting the dog.

I took a moment from following the path and asked a few questions…was the dog possessed of a spirit? Yes. Was this spirit guiding me? Yes. I pondered as to what or who the spirit was. Being in the majestic place, there were many possibilities. I began with the obvious. Was it Apollo? No, Was it Athena? No, What about the spirit of the place? No. A thought came to me, Was it Pan? This got a resounding Yes. Curious. Why Pan? I thought as I laughed at the dogs antics and continued my Pan guided, rods led tour.

The tour that I was led upon was truly beyond expression. Mere words cannot describe those few hours. I was describing it to a friend a few days ago and I recalled that “I have never felt so guided”. It’s true too. The rods took me to every vantage point. They would take me to a spot and twirl. I would stop, look around, have my sense of awe about the place increase and then off to the next spot (power centre). As time passed I felt that I was coming closer to the place of commune. The sun was just perfect, not too hot as to get clammy. Honestly, it was perfect.

I was outside of the main ruins and the dog led me through (or was randomly leaping around and I believed he led me through) some external ruins. I was following the rods, which seemed to be following the dog. At one point I was about to jump onto a waist level wall but the dog put its paw on the ledge and the rocks wobbled. “Saved by Pan” I thought as I took another route. My journey continued. Some parts of the ruins were roped of. It wasn’t a big barrier to cross and I wasn’t averse to some guerilla dowsing and crossing these boundaries however a ‘message’ from Pan came through as I was about to cross a roped area.

  • Have respect for the current caretakers.

I was surprised by the message but wasn’t going to go against the local Gods. Strangely though, the rods often took me on a convoluted path that brought me to places beyond the rope without directly crossing it. Another delightful surprise. About an hour or two so into our visit I crossed Gwas’s path just below the Temple. He was on his way up and asked if I was on the same route. I had no idea but presumed so, my path was pure intuition. Where ever it took me was acceptable.


Offerings at Delphi

Offerings at Delphi

There is what looks like the front of the temple of Apollo and as I had looked on Gwas heading that way I presumed that eventually I would be heading that way too. That was not my fate though. Going around the sides and back of the temple stones I was led a-leaping across the large temple stones from the back zigzag to the front (and another rope). I saw Gwas within an enclave in silent commune and thought that perhaps that would be my final destination. The rods seemed respectful of Gwas’s quest and took me of to explore some nooks and crannies whilst he finished up. Rather synchronistically they did an about turn just around the time Gwas left the alcove and I was heading straight for the vacant space. Was this going to be the place I would meet the Oracle?


The rods took me into the alcove and to my surprise did a gentle spiral and led me back out again and along a path to the side. What was going on? This was the Temple. It looked liked the right place. I even felt like it should be the right place and yet there I was being led away. I was taken some 30 metres away from the alcove and up onto a raised platform. The rods spiralled and I halted to take a look and to rest. I had a feeling that I had to do something here. Perhaps this was a place to prepare and ground? The rods replied, No. After a moment the notion of lighting some incense hit me and the rods agreed, so I lit three sticks and placed them upon the raised platform. As I finished up Gwas passed by and spotted me upon the platform.

“Very appropriate,” he said.

What do you mean I asked and he pointed to a sign that I could not see. What does it say I asked. “Don’t you know?” No, I replied. He called up to me that this was the place of offerings. I was stunned. I made my way back down from the platform to look at the sign that he had been pointing at.

  • Offering of Crateros

What a confirmation of direction! I beamed over at Gwas. Life is fabulous. Onwards.

Place of Commune

Navel of the World

Navel of the World

Following the rods, I continued my journey up past the Temple of Apollo (still can’t believe that that wasn’t the place). I didn’t know how much of the path was left. But I trusted the rods. This was such a awe inspiring day and as I said, such a led path, I had no fears. Complete certainty. I was approaching a truly magnificent (amongst magnificent) vantage point when the rods stopped and clicked together. I sighed. Arrival. The place was perfect. The rods had pointed me over to the little two foot high wall that marked the edge of the path and beyond was a shallow indentation. A message again entered into my mind.

  • The centre point

I confirmed it with the rods. For me, at that time and place, this was the navel of the Earth. The shining upon me. I lay down on the wall and was transported.

Kal Malik




A question about Greece

Stream of Thoughts

Stream of Thoughts

Wisdom is a gift that one accrues through the passage of time and the deluge of experience. Given that, as one travels back into ones own history one will find the lack of this ambrosia. I am of course such a one and have spent much time healing and balancing past lacks of wisdom. This has been no mean feat in and of itself and I have completed that task to my own satisfaction.

Still, there is one person whom I would like to, in-person, deliver a message. The last I heard, this person had moved to Athens, Greece. Thus I was curious as to whether my upcoming quest to Delphi in Greece could include a search for this person. Since my journey is an energetic one, it only seems fair that I should determine an energetic answer to my question,

  • “Should I seek out this person”?

This question inspired a journey to the nearby wizards wood, Alderley Edge. I arrived in the late hours of the afternoon and was not surprised to find that it was raining heavily and the paths were muddy. Nothing unusual for a mud walker. Dowsing rods in hand I determined a path to a place where my question could be answered. About fifteen minutes later I was standing on a shelf overlooking the valley of Cheshire. The rods had twirled into a spiral indicating the questioning spot.

I wondered whether I should literally dowse the question above. Or should I seek an answer through meditation. Perhaps a mixture of both? So I decided to do a meditation first. I closed my eyes and let my mind drift with the spatter of rain. Like sitting by the side of a gentle flowing stream and examining the leafs (thoughts) as they float by. I saw an image of the person’s face float by several times and in several guises (memories). The images were faded and old, some were black and white, like old pictures. Was I being told not to dig up the past?

It was time to get more defined answers. So I broke from my seclusion and brought the dowsing rods to bear. Should I dig up the past? Was the first question that I asked of them and got a soft yes. This surprised me as I was expecting a no. Well, in that case the above question was answered by default right and just to confirm I asked the question, “Should I seek this person on my trip to Greece?” To my surprise the answer was No. What was going on?

I should dig up the past, and yet not? What kind of duality was this? Then my thoughts went back to the images in the river, what else was being shown? Time, that was what came to mind and I asked, “Should I seek this person at another time?” The answer was Yes.

Curious. I came here to find an answer and what I’ve found is another puzzle. At least my task for the moment is clear. Delphi is my destination and nothing should interrupt it.

Kal Malik on a path to 2013

Checklist for dowsing sites – 2012

I have been compiling a list of questions to ask at sites where the dowsing researcher may wish to explore. To assist in this process I offer you my latest list of questions which has been compiled from the fragments of various lists that were hanging around from years ago. Here is my current 2012 list of dowsing question which you may find useful in your own work.

If you spot any logical flaws, or things that I have missed (of which I’m sure there are many) then feel free to add a comment and I will try to keep the list up to date this year with everyone’s contributions. Most of the terminology used can be found in the Glossary page if they don’t make sense to you straight away.


Is the energy at this site affected by:-

  • the site’s alignment with The Moon

  • the site’s alignment with The Sun

  • the site’s alignment with specific planets

  • the type of rock used in the construction

  • the size of the stones, the site and the number of stones used

  • the underlying geology and water systems of the site

  • the living energy of nearby trees

  • the time of day

  • the time of year


Are there any sentient energies present at this site?

  • genius loci

  • nature spirits

  • elementals

  • energetic shrouds

  • something else


  • Is there an energetic formation that is the signature of the genius loci of the site? (i.e. a sigil)

  • Is there an energetic formation that is the signature of the astrological alignment(s) of the site?

  • Show me the formation that shows the time of year when

                       a) the strongest energies can be found here

                       b) the most energetic time for me occurs

  • Does any of the energy form a distinguishable pattern? If so, show me the pattern.

  • Has the pattern been changed by our presence?

  • Has the pattern been changed by our dowsing?

  • Can the pattern be fed by our intent?

  • Can we create our own pattern using this energy?

  • Is there another place linked to this place whose energies can be affected by this pattern?

  • Has the site been enhanced energetically by this pattern?

  • What is the purpose of any existing form?


  • Is the site’s geometry based upon a specific number? If so, what is that number?

  • Is there more than one number involved in its construction?


  • Are the energies of this site beneficial to me?

  • Are the energies of this site able to teach me something I have not known about before?

  • Can I be energised by the power centre? Or will I be balanced? Or cleansed? (i.e. is the motion inward, stabilising, or outward)

  • Show me the location of the strongest power centre that I am aligned to.

  • Is there a power centre here that is aligned with anyone else in particular?

  • Is the power centre naturally-occurring, natural but corralled or was it entirely human-created?


Show me the flow of energies of the following types:-

  • power centres

  • flowing water

  • male energy lines

  • female energy lines

  • neutral energy lines

  • blind spring

  • coloured energy lines (black, white, silver, gold, rainbow colours)

  • stress lines or faults

  • animal tracks


  • Show me the boundary of the aura of this site.

  • What is the strength of this aura?

  • In which direction does the aura flow?


  • Is the colour of subtle energy related to its resonant frequency?

  • Is the colour of subtle energy a form of light?

  • Are there any colours of subtle energy that have only one consistent effect upon a human?

  • Does the effect of a coloured energy line depend on the human who interacts with it?

  • Can a human affect the colour of subtle energy?


  • Is this site aligned to a star that is visible now?

  • What is the original star that this site was built to align to, or be affected by?

  • What is the current star that this site was built to align to, or be affected by?

  • Which elements of the site are affected by this star’s energy?

  • At what time of year was the site built to be most effective?

  • At what time of year was the site now most effective?

  • Is there a cup-marked stone at this site that shows the original star to which the site is aligned?


  • Is the subtle energy at this site connected or attracted to a place where that energy sinks into the earth?

  • Is this spot draining energy into the earth?

  • Is the energy that is being drained at this spot flowing outwards from this spot in any particular direction, or in all directions?


  • Is this site capable of helping me find one of the frequencies that I need to open a chakra?

  • Which chakra is it most beneficial for working with?

  • Take me to something at the site that assists with finding the right sound.

  • Is this aspect of the site always useful for this particular chakra?

  • Does any of the energy of this place respond to human-created sound? If so, where? And which frequency?


  • Is there anything else energetically of interest to me that is specific to this site alone?

Enjoy your dowsing year,



Kerry and Cork sites added to Map page.

*** Been wondering who Gwas is? All will be revealed soon ***

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