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A new low for Arbor Low

This is a brief and largely unexciting account of a recent visit to Arbor Low. Unless you’re specifically interested in this site I’d skip it because it doesn’t reveal much of interest outside of those who would visit the site. I’m posting it for completeness’ sake, and for those who have an unhealthy interest in Arbor Low.

It was a damp and windy September day when I arrived at my friend Michael’s house. The usual crew of our psychic friends were there, plus a new addition whom Michael had been wanting to introduce me to for ages. I was introduced to Janet and immediately I liked her. She was robust, earthy, plain-speaking and no-nonsense. Being a Yorkshire lad I felt right at home with that. We chatted for a while and Janet offered to let me read a copy of “The Eye of Fire” by Graham Philips – the sequel to the astonishing book “The Green Stone“. I had read The Green Stone recently and had been fascinated by it. I was going to buy the book and its sequel second-hand but prices were starting at £20 each and rising quickly to ridiculous figures! Luckily, Janet had a copy and was willing to lend it to me. I devoured its contents the next weekend! Now I am busy working my way through Andrew Collins‘ account of the same events in his book “The Seventh Sword“.

The Eye of Fire

We didn’t hold out much hope for a break in the rain as we wended our way past some of the places mentioned in the Green Stone book, particularly Biddulph Grange. The discussions about the books passed the time on the way to Arbor Low. I was liking Janet even more, her ready smile, her chuckle, and her immediate warmth.

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Arbor Low on Sacred Sites list

I’ve added an entry onto our Sacred Sites page after I visited it this weekend. I used my new Active10 GPS unit to trace the positions of the outer stones, some of which are marked by small square stones already.Then I ventured into the circle’s interior space to walk the path of energies that connects all the major inner stones.

Showing outer stone positions and inner stone energy links

Showing outer stone positions and inner stone energy links

I can now picture how we can map our dowsing without having to rely on sketches or memory – it’s real-time dowsing being recorded. The stone positions are indicated by the spikes as I re-traced my steps once the rods crossed. The inner circles are the exact paths as they circled the inner stones and weaved around each other.



Kerry and Cork sites added to Map page.

*** Been wondering who Gwas is? All will be revealed soon ***

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