Tarot for the Year 2016

As has become a regular ritual I have done a tarot reading to give me some guidance as to some of the possible parameters for my spiritual questing for the coming year. I used the Camelot Oracle tarot cards again,. I felt that this would give me a a link to the past – a semblance […]

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Arthurian | Hedge Druidry | Tarot | Visions

Arthurian Overview of 2013

Even though I was supposed to wait until Imbolc I did my first Camelot Oracle tarot draw. It was only supposed to be a test so that I could become familiar with the cards and the unusual layout of the pack on the “Lands Adventurous” (the eight sacred sites in the Arthurian panoply), but you […]

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Theory | Wheel of the Year

The Quiet Time

I have been using the term “The Quiet Time” in recent posts and thought it was time that I explained this phrase better, and what the concepts are that I associate with this phrase. The Quiet Time is a period in the cycle of the Wheel of the Year, the turning of one season to […]

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Bookshelf | Tarot

The Camelot Oracle

I have a new set of oracular divination cards. I call them this because they’re not really tarot cards in the usual sense. They describe themselves as an Oracle card set and I will go with this description. Especially given that I am going to Delphi soon to see THE Oracle. Seems appropriate that I […]

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Ancestors | Tarot

Ancestor energies tarot reading

After my Ireland Ancestor Quest I had one obvious question: “Now that I have recovered them and successfully fought to keep them – what can I do with them?” Some tarot card readers say that they can’t do reading for themselves very well. I seem to be able to. In fact, my own readings are […]

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