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The Initiation of the Yew Staff

July continued to be sunny, hot and dry. We were back from our Solstice outing and among the familiar landscapes either side of Cheshire. In particular Kal and I felt drawn to the Dinas Bran site. Both of us had questions that we hoped to find the answers to, and the walk was always lovely, […]

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Rathcroghan – Seat of Kings

In the previous episodes of my Ireland Ancestor Quest, (Carrowkeel, Kilronan Abbey, Lassair’s Well, Lough Key and Boyle Abbey), I had learned that I would need to fight for the privilege to acquire the ancestor energies of my family. I sort of had to “fight for the right” and the right I would win would […]

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Guerrilla dowsing on Silbury Hill

Silbury Hill, Wiltshire – September 2009 It’s time to introduce you all to the concept of Guerrilla Dowsing. It was invented by my colleague Kal on your first visit to Stonehenge. He was a bit miffed by the fact that we had travelled a long way to visit the site and it was all cordoned off. You […]

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