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Sleep patterns and the Earth’s magnetic field

This article was found on the New Scientist web site. The concept is still being studied for better correlations and more data, but their conclusion so far is: “freakier dreams occurring on days with the least geomagnetic activity“. ( The article reminded me of some work by one of the speakers at last year’s British Society […]

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The Cirencestershire Conflab

Kal has already written a lengthy and laudable account of the British Society of Dowsers conference recently, but he has urged me to add my own bits to it, and so I will add those elements that are in addition to his write-up, or which display my own perspective on those events. As we journeyed […]

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Dowsing Conference

It was a dark, starry night when Gwas and I set off towards the far distant destination of Cirencester and the British Soc. of Dowsing annual conference. It was a 3 hour trip and we aimed to get there for about 8:30a.m. A monumental feat since my clock doesn’t have a such early times on […]

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