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Gop Hill bares all – Part 1

In what is an uncommon privilege I got to work with one of the most eminent examples of what I would call a “wise woman” this week. Debra Delglyn is a well-travelled and widely-experienced practitioner of shamanic arts of all sorts. When we work together I come away wishing I had the time and dedication […]

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Yearly Update

Summary of the Year 2015 Part 1

I was quite hesitant about producing “the usual” summary of the year. It has clearly not been a normal year. In fact, I would go as far as to say that the first half was good, but the second half took a much more dark and difficult turn. I’m not used to that. In all […]

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3 Beltane 2014 – Carnac and the Taliesin Quest Pt1

The sky was finally cracking. The deep cloud cover was thinning and the glimpse of a possibility of sunshine for the afternoon at Carnac – France’s most amazing megalithic complex – was enticing. We paused briefly at the local creperie at Menec village – feeling like proper tourists, sipping our “boules de cidre” before heading […]

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