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The concept of renown

Last year I went to Ireland based on the idea that I was going in search of renown. I don’t think I properly explained that idea, so in the hope of making  the motivation behind those episodes a little clearer I want to discuss what I have come to think about the idea of “renown”. The original […]

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Ancient Sites | Energy work | Modern Druidry

Autumn Equinox 2 – Llangernyw Yew”

Thursday 23rd September, 2010 – Llangernyw village, Conwy, North Wales. Due to us visiting the Llangernyw Yew in daylight we noticed some things we don’t normally see because our usual visit time is dusk or at night. Most striking of the things we saw were the signs strewn around in various formats explaining the provenance […]

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News article

Star Carr: Our Past, Their Clutter

I see that a combined team of Manchester and York University archaeologists have uncovered Britain’s oldest house to date in the ever-more-fascinating Star Carr site near the seaside town of Scarborough in the North East of England. Julian Cope was referring to Star Carr many years ago, long before many people were even aware of its significance (check out […]

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Bookshelf | Quickie

Transformation Chambers: Winter research

In August of 2008 Kal and I visited several sou-terrains (chambers constructed by the placement of supporting stones and a large capstone, often beneath alternating layers of clay and earth). At each site we visited we asked the dowsing rods whether the purpose of the site was the burial of the dead. Our responses led […]

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NEW ‘Bibliography’ page

I have just posted a list of the books that have been useful to me as reference works, for study and research, for inspiration, or for sheer delight. I hope you find this a useful resource for your own learning in the fields of druidry dowsing earth energies esotericism mysticism the old tradition lost crafts […]

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