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All things are possible

I don’t usually bring aspects of my mundane life into this blog. I like to keep these things separate, because I don’t want to spoil the rich and fertile magickal world we have created by the stories that we have created here in this space. However, at the moment, there are things going on in […]

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Dowsing | Glyphs and Wards | Hedge Druidry

Elemental Sigils

It was Lenten Moon – the February full moon – on February 25th. Kal and I discussed where we might go to do some work: I wanted to stay local but he wanted something more exotic. Sometimes we agree to differ, so I was left to work at home. As it turned out the moon […]

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Ancient Sites

The Berth and Death of Scorpius

I sometimes find myself doing some very strange things without knowing why. This night was one of those strange evenings, and yet the strangeness would continue beyond this night and lead to an even stranger conclusion by the time I had finished unravelling all of the clues. I had decided that at some point in the week […]

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Dowsing | Quickie

A mirror cracked

Recently I decided to return to the world of IT and computing. To this end I had and am applying for various positions with the field of contract web development. To understand the following you will have to appreciate that for the last 12 years I have only ever taken contract positions. In fact I […]

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