Yearly Update

Summary of the Year 2015 Part 1

I was quite hesitant about producing “the usual” summary of the year. It has clearly not been a normal year. In fact, I would go as far as to say that the first half was good, but the second half took a much more dark and difficult turn. I’m not used to that. In all […]

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Arthurian | Tarot

Camelot Tarot 2015 – The Latter Half

In the second half of the reading I explore the cards that were drawn for me on my journey from Lammas to the Winter Solstice this coming year. Things were not at all what I was expecting, and I think that has good and bad aspects. Good because I like my assumptions and pre-conditioning to […]

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Energy work | Quests

Carnac and the Sun Beltane 2014 – 04

In the previous post I outlined some of the signs that we missed and thus suffered a wet and fruitless first morning to our Brittany visit. Of course we finally realised that the 1st of May was a holiday and so much was closed. In fact we had been hard pressed to find a place […]

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Knights Pilgrimage 1 of 5 waylayed onto a pilgrimage

After the evening at Gop Hill (see  nightly revelations) I had missed the message that my knights quest had completed, successfully I might add. As I said in that post I was rather disappointed at its conclusion as I had been looking forward to the challenge of completing a south-north pilgrimage. And indeed had been informed at Dinas […]

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