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Tears of the Guardian

A short post this time to tell you about an amazing thing that happened at West Kennett Long Barrow.A few weeks ago I visited Wiltshire for the OneFest festival. It was OK – some surprises and some people who should have done better, but the real fun was actually our visits to the sacred sites […]

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Ancient Sites

East Kennet Long Barrow – The Lost Mound

It was a bright and lovely Spring day that I found myself able to return from a training course via one of my favourite areas – the Vale of Pewsey, or the land of the White Chalk Horse. This is a wide valley (or vale) in Wiltshire that is renowned for having horse figures craved […]

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Celestial | Quests

The Three Stars of Fertility

In my endeavours to fulfil a difficult quest that I was given at the Spring Equinox I have been researching some star and site alignments with the help of dowsing rods. The quest I was given was to modify my energy field in such a way as to cause either a blossoming of my consciousness, […]

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Mysterious Earth Conference 2011

I was at the Mysterious Earth Conference this year. The conference was held at the Village Hall in the village of Grimsargh near Preston in Lancashire, England. Kal had come up so that we could go to this event together, which was very nice of him to make the effort. There were four speakers lined […]

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