Ancestors | Healing

Healing The Past Self

I don’t often put myself into the hands of someone else to do healing, as I usually think that I can do most of it myself. However, occasionally someone else can spot something that you are either missing, or deliberately avoiding. When I went to see a fellow shaman, the wonderful Debra Delglyn, then what […]

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Death Eating | Hedge Druidry

Death Eating at Llangernyw

This post is out of sync with the other posts. It should have been posted before Imbolc, but our experiences on that day took precedence. So, here it is at the start of March, over a month since it happened! Hey – that’s the way it goes. Sometimes we don’t have enough stuff to post, […]

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Ancient Sites

The Soul of A Car

Does a car have a soul? How can a piece of metal and plastic have anything as ephemeral and mystical as a ‘soul’? What do I mean by this? Let me address some of these definitions before I start my story. What I am talking about here is the thought-form that is created by a […]

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Energy work | Experiment | How To | Theory

Working with photographs

In some cultures, particularly those classified by ethnographers as being “primitive”, there is a wide-ranging and long-lasting reported idea (often interpreted as being a belief) that a photograph captures the soul of a person (related article). I do not believe that this is an accurate reflection (pardon the pun) of the situation regarding human energy fields and […]

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Energy work | Modern Druidry | Theory

Body, Aura and Animus

Since I learned that my task for this part of the year would be to “free spirits” I have been trying to absorb as much information as possible about this subject. I have been listening to related podcasts from the British Society of Dowsers, from books on the subject of spirit rescue, and from discussions […]

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The Soul Powers of Five, Six and Eleven – Part 2

You may have noticed, if you’ve been following such posts, that I have changed the title of this series to remove “seven” and replace it with “six”. By the end of the post I hope this makes complete sense. However, I had collected some information about the number seven and so I will still present […]

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