Signs and Synchronicity | Spirit Guides

All things are possible

I don’t usually bring aspects of my mundane life into this blog. I like to keep these things separate, because I don’t want to spoil the rich and fertile magickal world we have created by the stories that we have created here in this space. However, at the moment, there are things going on in […]

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Angels | Hedge Druidry | Spirit Guides

Ash in the Woods

In the third and final part of my jaunt to Alderley Edge I will talk about my experiences with my Spirit Guide, Ash. We’re still getting to know each other, it feels, yet one thing I do know about his reason for working with me is that he wants to know more about the say that […]

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Ancient Sites | Dragons

Circle of Dragons and Druids

After my experience getting to know my spirit guide at Penmaenawr‘s famous Druid’s Circle I met up once more with Kal who had been off having his own adventures, as usual. It seems that whenever we come to this sacred stone circle there are revelations, ruminations and investigations aplenty. It never fails to deliver something […]

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