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The Soul of A Car

Does a car have a soul? How can a piece of metal and plastic have anything as ephemeral and mystical as a ‘soul’? What do I mean by this? Let me address some of these definitions before I start my story. What I am talking about here is the thought-form that is created by a […]

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Boyle Abbey – Tracking Down Duignan

Boyle Abbey is a sacred place of worship that was gifted to the Cistercians. This order of monks built their abbey over the top of an existing pagan site (if I remember the guide’s introduction properly), and I would suspect that this was actually a druidic college that they built over. For me the abbey […]

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Imbolc 2012 part 5 Bridestones, Orbs and an Unexpected Guest

Our last stop on Imbolc was the Bridestones. Nothing particularly exciting happened for me at that site, or so I thought until the next day I was sorting through the images that I had taken and my eye was caught by this…   Intrigued by this mystery I did this set of dowsing in my room. And […]

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