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Spirits: a changed belief

I was happy, I really was. Or should I say I was happy with my internal system of beliefs. Yes, there were the odd messy things such as Tarot cards and Aliens to mention two. But on the whole I could live with those bumps in my understandings. But then, along comes the monkey with […]

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Hedge Druidry

Red Lady Release

I don’t dream much. When I do it’s very mundane – the kind of universal boring dreams which psychologists love – the kind that are full of the classic “can’t get away” or “never reaching” or “being late” type scenarios. They’re dull and un-memorable. Recently I had the most profoundly affecting dream. It was so real […]

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Elemental Sigils

It was Lenten Moon – the February full moon – on February 25th. Kal and I discussed where we might go to do some work: I wanted to stay local but he wanted something more exotic. Sometimes we agree to differ, so I was left to work at home. As it turned out the moon […]

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