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Recovering the Church of Michael

Is it wrong for a druid to be working for an angel? Let’s not even start that discussion! Let’s just say that I took the ‘case’ on and I am working it, like some kind of kindly private detective. This post relates to the direction I was given recently at The Druid’s Circle. There I was directed by Archangel Michael (who I will refer to as Michael) to take note of the direction of a rainbow, and to use that as guidance to find a church that was dedicated to his name. The indications were that something terrible had happened at the church which had changed the energies at that site in a drastic way. Michael had asked if I would take on the task of re-aligning the energies so that they would be compatible with his vibration again. It would be my pleasure!

I find myself in the delightful company of Magic Mike (hereafter ‘Mike’), who tells me coincidentally that this is the moniker that he has been given by his friends who live at the site of his holiday home. I love coincidences like that. We are venturing forth deep into the heartland of the eastern Welsh hills, close to the town of Oswestry and Welshpool. The bearing that I had taken at Druid’s Circle has pointed directly to a church called ‘St. Michael’s‘ in the village of Llanfihangel Yng Nwynfa. The sun is shining and the day is shaping up to be a hot one, and so we come prepared – we’ve brought a picnic! No, seriously, I’m equipped with a special crystal. I have brought the rose quartz crystal that appeared on the path in front of my house recently.

I discuss the apport incident with Mike, and he reveals to me that he was told that an apport always contains a little of the energy used by the spirit that apported it. I had dowsed that morning that the crystal’s appearance was directly linked to Michael, and so now I find myself carrying a crystal with angelic energy in it, and heading to Archangel Michael’s church in order to do his work. Another set of delightful links.

Llanfihangel St Michaels Church - June 14 (12) (Medium)

The Unlucky Horseshoe

At the entrance to the churchyard is a white-painted iron gate leading to a line of yew trees. We open the squeaking gate and Mike immediately senses that this area is full of “bad energy”. He turns to the yew trees and senses that they are bearing the brunt of the pressure of trying to absorb this energy. I accompany his senses with some dowsing and find the same results – the two entrance yews are saturated. Normally yew trees will absorb and ground energies that are associated with the process of death and decay, dispersing them far into the earth below. In this case they are being overwhelmed by the bad energy and it is spilling out beyond the confines of the churchyard.

As if in some intuitive moment I looked upwards above the white gate. Hanging overhead is an iron horseshoe – prongs downwards. We look at each other – that’s the “bad luck” way, right? Indeed it is. Superstitious, but in this instance an indicator which just seemed to re-enforce the feelings and our findings. We vow to resolve the problem once we have looked around the rest of the area. There may be something still more sinister at work here!

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Saving Annabel

I never quite know how these things come about, but a friend of a friend of a friend of Kal’s mentioned something about their house being haunted, and next thing you know Kal’s inviting me to call them to arrange a visit.

Now I like to be prepared. Hence, there were introductory phone calls, confirmation calls, and a rough background on the likely encounter was established. Then I set about dowsing what I could about the situation. For example: How bad was it? Was it urgent? Was I about to face a wave of mutilation? I mentioned the ‘job’ to my wife, M, and she said simply “Annabel.” OK – I would keep that information in my pocket and see if it was relevant.

Pure Preparations

Over the next few days I consulted with my spirit guide to see whether I could obtain any guidance about what I might need for the work. Having been working without tools all year I was prepared for the answer, and sure enough it came back as expected: no tools were needed for this work. So, I asked if I needed any spiritual assistance. That answer was more helpful – the image of a glowing Archangel Michael kept appearing. Now, I don’t do angel cards, I don’t have angel images around the house, and I don’t go round telling people about angels. However, their interventions and appearances since visiting Iona last Autumn Equinox have been rather exciting and incredibly helpful.

I decided that although I wouldn’t use them I would still take my “sword and shield” crystal and stone. They would act as a reminder in case I needed urgent assistance. I kind of associated Michael with the Sword and Shield symbols anyway. I felt calmed and reassured by the idea that I could call upon a force that I knew to be so energetically powerful. Michael would be my trump card.

I visited a local coffee shop to wait for Kal to join me. Normally I would order a coffee, but for some reason the idea repulsed me! Instead my attention was drawn to the soft drinks area. I picked up a fruit juice, but again the feeling of repulsion kicked in. I put it back down, moving my hand towards something which didn’t have this repulsive feel. Only a bottle of pure water seemed acceptable. I sat in the coffee house with my single bottle of water feeling a little put out. I really did like my coffee, and all I could smell was coffee! I sipped my water and waited. Strange. A sort of purification, I mused.

The Fun Begins

We pulled up at a typical suburban semi-detached house which was already decorated for the up-coming Christmas festivities. It was an inviting house and a modern couple – Jenna and Harry – greeted us, telling su that they had sent the kids away for the evening to be looked after.

We sit and chat with the householders – a lovely couple. Kal decides to play sidekick letting me lead the discussions and intervening to add another perspective. We get the background.

A girl, dressed in a nightgown, long hair, face never seen, both parents have witnessed her separately. The husband has seen her in the upstairs toilet room. The wife felt her get out of her bed and then saw her walking on the landing heading to the toilet room. Both appearances were between 2am and 4am.

The couple insists that despite the time of day they were fully aware and awake at the time of the events they witnessed.

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Cornwall Winter 4 – Carn Brea with Mary and Michael

Cornwall in winter can be stunning or cruel. Being the tip of the main island of Albion it is amongst the first to get battered by the south-westerly winds and rains. Recently this has caused devastation once again in Cornish coastal towns and villages. Luckily, I was at the tail end of a beautiful day for my visit to Carn Brea – a sacred hill near to St.Just and Land’s End and which overlooks the very finality of England’s land mass.

Up on Carn Brea

Parking is easy, and the walk is gentle. There’s one road up the side of the hill and from the car park there are only a few paths, all of which seem to go to the top. You really can’t miss this one. Neither could ships – the monks that once inhabited the hill’s long-gone chapel used to keep a beacon fire lit to act as a ward to ships.

I was aware from comments by people on this blog that the hill had some sacred connections. The hill has been found to have late Neolithic and Bronze Age remains. It was a pagan hill before it became a Christian one. Beacon fires are still lit on the summer solstice by the Old Cornwall Society. Good on them!

Carn Brea - Winter Solstice 2013 (2)

Marker point on Carn Brea, St Just, Cornwall

I was also aware that the hill featured in The Sun and The Serpent book – that now famous story of Miller and Broadhurst’s trek across the south of England following the Mary and Michael ley line, tracking the male and female energy leys as they crossed at certain sacred sites. Carn Brea was one such site. I was already thinking that I ought to test that, given that it was such a lovely day and I was on my own on the hill.

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Cornwall Winter 3 – Sancreed Beacon and Well

Day two in Cornwall. The winter weather had relented and the grey rain clouds had receded back to clear skies. My target for today were a series of sites around the Land’s End area – sites which Kal and I had passed by on our mission to get to the “good stuff” in summer. There were a cluster of sites around the village of Sancreed, and then my midday destination was lunch on Carn Brea hill.

I arrived in Sancreed, parked in the village, then set off walking towards the church in the hope of tracking down the well nearby. As I got close to the church I saw a visitor sign for Sancreed Beacon. Well, why not? It was still mid-morning, and the air was still, the views would be lovely. I set off up the hill road.

1. Sancreed Beacon

I passed a van full of baying hounds parked in the lay-by, then walked to the top of the beacon hill where I was greeted by the sight of four wild horses grazing on the available greenery. As the sound of the disturbed dogs faded I began to appreciate the looming views. I had predicted correctly – the view was incredible from the beacon hill, as you might expect.

View from Sancreed Beacon - Winter Solstice 2013 (2)

View from Sancreed Beacon to St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall

The four horses did not seem very apocalyptic, nor were they very interested in me dowsing my way via an energetic path to the “best place for me to be”. They munched on, intent upon their delegated task to keep the hilltop naturally trim.

Sancreed Beacon, Cornwall - Winter Solstice 2013

Wild ponies on Sancreed Beacon

The dowsing rods shifted right as I reached close to the peak and I followed. I was taken to a small rectangular-shaped area which was just to one side. I dowsed to try to find out why I was here – was there something I could do for the site, or something it could do for me (Kal’s great opening question). It was a healing requirement – there was work for me to do. Well, that’s a good start to the day!

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Brentor Church, Lydford Gorge, and another quest?

The White Lady

I had emailed Gwas with regards to going out on a sojourn this weekend and he had come up trumps as always…Why not visit St Michael’s church at Brentor? Looks like a very energetic place.

I agreed, but wondered as to a purpose for my visit. As readers know Gwas and I have shifted focus in terms of having a purpose for our visits. Gwas suggested that perhaps I could garner some more intel on my quest to become a knight.

Interesting, okay I could live with that and so it was decided. Saturday arrived and I was ready to rock and roll. Brentor is about an hour and half from my rooms and I set off around 11am and the sun was shining on my journey.

I was aprox 5 miles from Brentor and I spotted a sign…”Lydford Gorge” My intuition kicked in and without hesitation I steered into the car park.

Lydford Gorge is a fantastic national trust site. It has all the ingredients that an intuition follower would need…trees, stream, waterfall and some lovely fairy rings. A quick stop at the cafe to stock up on water and I was off on a trail that is about a four mile round trip along a gorge that followed the river Lyd.

Actually, I had another purpose when setting out on this journey today. I wanted some personal snaps of myself. To send to a fair maiden. As I set out for Brentor I wondered how, in such an isolated place I was going to find someone to take pictures.

Trekking around the gorge was a fabulous experience. The energies in that place were truly shining that day and it wasn’t just because of the sun. As I walked along the path I bumped into some really friendly people, and being the guy I am, I asked if they would take a shot or two of me. Throughout the day, I asked some 10 or 15 people to take pics of me and I am delighted to say I got a full compliment of poses.

On with the main story then. So I am sitting quite comfortably with the White Lady aka the waterfall in the gorge and trying to connect with the Genius Loci. After a mere few moments I was able to tune into the spirit of the place. I pondered whether I there was anything to learn about my Knights Quest at this fabulously energised place. The response came back almost instantly. No.

O, I was rather disappointed with that to be honest and thought to ask, why. But before I could do so the answer popped into my mind, “you are doing fine, chill”

Chill? Is that it? Chill, no blue keys, no insights, nothing but to chill? I tried to garner more information but was unable to do so, it looked like “chilling” was the order of the day (and it seemed longer too).

With that rather un-promising result I decided to take the advice and continue my slow leisurely walk around the gorge, stopping of to write a postcard and take in a herbal tea. It was around 5pm when I finally felt the urge to leave the valley. I don’t know why I felt this sudden urgency but I just found my steps increasing and before I knew it I was actually running out of the gorge, Wow!

I got to my car, emptied the last vestiges of my water bottle and settled in for the long drive home. I had given up on the Brentor church expedition since I had the answer of “your quest is doing fine” I had no need to go to the church. As I drove along the Gorge’s length I spotted a couple sat by the road side. I recognised them from my walk along the gorge because they had taken several pictures of me (er for me).

I stopped the car and asked what they were about, the young lad told me that they were waiting for the bus to Tavistock (some 10 miles away). I told them to hop in and I set the sat nav accordingly and was off. As I did so, the bus turned up behind me…interesting, if I had not hurried I would have missed giving this couple a lift.

As we drove away our conversation touched on several topics one of which was my main reason for being in this area, i.e. Brentor church, and I swear to the ancient gods of Kalahari that even as I mentioned it I saw the church up on a tor along the side of the road. I was gobsmacked (a regular term on the intuitive path).

The fella said that perhaps this was an opportunity to visit it on my way back. I agreed and put a mental note in to do just that. We got into Tavistock a few  minutes later and couldn’t find the main bus stop. I enquired further as to there final destination and they said Plymouth. No problem I replied and took them all the way home. Job done.

I stretched out my hand to reprogram the satnav for home when I paused. It couldn’t have been a coincidence that I was taken past Brentor church, could it? I sighed and swapped the destination for Brentor church and 40 minutes later found myself in the car park opposite the hill.

The sun had a cover of clouds around it and so made the climb up the hill more pleasurable than it would have been under the full light of a summer early evening sun.I have attached an audio file which essentially catalogs the dowsing that I did to get me to the best place to connect with the spirit/energy/archetype/angel St Michael.

This was just inside the entrance to the church. I was sat facing West with a slight inclination to the south, so I would say West, west south (er I think). Again the rods had pointed this direction out.

So I sat there ready to connect with my intuition when I heard a noise from behind me, in the church. I put it down to the wind and ignored it until I heard the sound of foot steps. I managed to scramble up just in time before a chap came by with his dog.

What caught my immediate attention was the bright blue t-shirt the chap was wearing. Seriously a blue t-shirt! I had to speak with this guy! I engaged in conversation immediately. “nice day isn’t it?” I remarked and begun a conversation where I was hanging on to his every word, looking for clues and intuitional nudges.

The first thing he told me was that I should visit the forest of Lyd, he pointed it out to me. It is free and has many paths that you can walk around. After this he walked off, only to return a few seconds later and tell me that one could see Plymouth from here on this clear late afternoon. He pointed it out to me, “there it is in that gateway, look you can see the ocean”

After pointing this out he left, dog in tow. I sat on the church looking out to the setting sun and pondered. What did this mean? I dowsed through all the components of my chat with the “man in blue” and here are the words that the rods responded favourably to…

  • West (W,SW) direction
  • Forest
  • Ocean
  • Gateway

With him wearing a blue t-shirt, I asked whether this knowledge was anything to do with my Knights Quest? No. Was this another quest that I would be going on? Yes. When would this quest start? End of October. At the conclusion of my Knights Quest? Yes.

So why tell me now? The answer was not forthcoming and it was time to thank the wisdom of St Michael and return to my rooms.

Kal Malik – endless questing

Cornwall – The Misty Hurlers

Sunday 22nd August, 2010 – The Hurlers, Minions, Cornwall.

Having driven through the village of Minions to get to Trethevy Quoit the night before we were fairly confident about finding the famous stone circles called “The Hurlers”. There was a big brown sign pointing to them and everything so how could we miss them? We missed them. The morning mist was so dense that visibility was down to twenty feet, and as we trudged along the damp granite path our attention was on avoiding the larger puddles. At one point I stopped, intuitively feeling something was nearby. As I looked up I could see a small marker stone making an unusually prominent shape in the white misty background. We decided to head in that direction across the moorland and soon other shapes were coming out of the mist confirming that we had made a wise choice. Luck was with us and we hadn’t gone too far past, and soon dark shapes were appearing in regular patterns like dull ghostly sentries. We remarked how ‘atmospheric’ it was, which translated meant, “Dammit – why couldn’t it be sunny – this is spooky!

What the Hurlers can look like

The Coach and Four

Other people were knocking about too, somewhere. Occasionally we would hear the sound of feet on the path and calls to a dog, or a group of walkers crunching past. It seemed that everyone else was missing the stone circle too because we were not disturbed during our hour long visit by anyone else, despite hearing man other voices nearby. Talking of which, as Kal and I convened on our way back we discussed the sounds we had heard in the mist and realised that both of us had heard the same strange noise. It was the sound of a carriage being pulled by horses. Undoubtedly. I’ve heard that sound in so many films that I couldn’t mistake it. I heard the sound of at least two horses, more like four, and they were accompanied by the sound of wooden wheels crunching on the path. There was no engine noise accompanying it. Most odd. Maybe some people with horse and cart were going past at nine in the morning? Even odder, the sound didn’t fade into the distance as you would expect, but disappeared as it passed us. You heard it clearly for a moment, and then as it passed by it died off quickly, it didn’t fade away. Again, very odd. I shivered a little in the morning gloom, and put it down to the atmosphere, but then when I mentioned it to Kal he nodded – he’d heard the same, and he added his own impressions of the noise which confirmed mine. However, on to the circles….

The Hurlers – The Male Circle and the Cross

There are three circles marked on OS maps, but in the mist we only found two of them. The Secret Cornwall site tells us that we are even wrong about that:

“The remains of a smaller fourth circle have recently been found north-north-east of the obvious three circles and a further fifth circle has been suggested between it and the others” (source: Secret Cornwall)

The first circle we encountered was the larger of the two, then there was a small pathway which linked to a slightly smaller ring of stones a few feet further north. One of the first things we independently dowsed was that the larger circle had a female characteristic, whilst the smaller circle was male.

Can you spot the stones?

Kal spent his first hour in the female circle, or rather, around its periphery, whilst I tried to get to grips with the male circle. I had come to the circles with an idea: I wanted to know whether it was possible to connect to the Sirius star energy, and what would happen if I did. I found a power centre and began to work with it, connecting to its core. I identified the location of Sirius, and then sat facing it. Almost immediately I got the impression that I should walk around the circle to stir up the energies. I dowsed for the start point, and then which direction – clockwise. No surprises there. I walked around twice, the second time the path began to weave as though the energies around the stones were becoming agitated. This was good – I had done a similar thing at Mitchell’s Fold stone circle once. At that Shropshire circle I had walked around five times, each time dowsing a more erratic path with higher peaks. This was similar, but only required two perambulations to get the energies flowing enough to work with.

Male circle Power Centre marked by feather and staff

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Glastonbury Solstice – Part 3: The Dragon Vision

This is the third part of the story of my recent pil;grimage to Glastonbury. “Pilgrimage” – that’s what I’m calling these visits because that’s how I feel about them – they are modern-day pilgrimages to a “site of special spiritual interest”, to adopt and mutate the SSSI designation. Glastonbury itself recognises this and has a Pilgrimage Centre where people can go to get information about places to visit and what’s on – sort of like a Tourist Information Centre for Seekers.

So, in the last parts I told you how I sloughed off the energetic attachment of a trickster spirit, got a surprise at a crop circle, then took two trips up the Tor trying to totally tune my tantra. That’s not strictly accurate, but it was the only synonym I could find that was alliterative! I was in the process of working on my heart chakra – the chakra os assimilation, integration, love, emotion and…well, here’s what one site says:

“According to contemporary buddhist teacher Tarthang Tulku, the heart chakra is very important for the feeling of existential fulfillment” (source: Sensagent Dictionary)

‘Existential fulfillment’, huh? Well, I’m pretty fulfilled in that respect, being a trainee druid. So, the day before I had watched the sun set on the horizon from The Tor and this morning I set out with Kal to see where I would end up. There were no plans except a starting point – them’s the rules. Our starting point this day would be the “entrance portals” that are the Gog and Magog trees (now sadly, only one remains).

Guardians of The Entrance: Gog and Magog

No time was wasted this morning – we knew, after last year’s visit, exactly how to get to the trees. It was early (i.e. before tour buses arrived) so all was quiet, even on the campsite next to the ancient oaks. Kal hovered around outside while I clambered into the nettle-strewn glade that forms a triangular cordon around the trees. I was taken aback at how much the first tree (Gog apparently) had paled and depreciated in the last year since she had been burned on the inside by some ardent “worshipper” and his zealous candle. I’m sure there were vestiges of life last year. This year he was totally barren and crumbling fast. It was quite dis-heartening to see.

The legendary and dead Gog Oak tree

Luckily, although I felt the waves of trauma and sadness coming from his partner Magog, she was in decent health. In her hollow I placed the two things I possessed that had a healing energy: a special slice of rose-coloured crystal that I had been given as a gift specifically to use for heart chakra work, and my ash staff. How the giver of this crystal had known I was going to do such work is beyond me, but that’s another story. Alongside the crystal I put my staff in the bole too. I placed my hands on the gnarled bark of the tree and, after the waves of anguish had ebbed away I put some loving energy into the tree. She was clearly pining (or is it “oaking”?), and it seemed like the only thing I could do that wasn’t a selfish act. I wasn’t here to take this time – I was here to give.

Three is a magic number

Oh yes it is. Good things come in trees {sic} so having passed between the trees as a starting point to my morning’s processional way I rejoined Kal and we headed up the slope towards the ever-present Tor in the distance. This would be the third time in two days we would climb the Tor, and each time the energies, the feelings and the results were different. Today was no exception.

The climb up the Tor was straightforward, although again, I felt the need to do it in bare feet. Again, we went up the quick way, up the steepest slope at the ‘back’ of the Tor. Once on top Kal went off doing his stuff, dowsing and meditating for his own ends. I dowsed to find the best place for me to work with my heart chakra energies, and to commune with the Spirit of the Tor to know what I should do for the next part of the year’s cycle. This was my intention this morning – no messing about! Straight to the ‘heart’ of the matter!

It was only a matter of a few minutes before things began to happen. I had stilled myself, then sent my attention deep into the Tor and outwards up into the skies above, creating a channel between the two. I felt a deep rumbling from within the depths of the Tor! It was only slight, but it was palpable. Something was stirring! Was it within me, or within the earth? What was it that was awakening? Through my deep connection I felt the urge to stand and move to the doorway of St.Michael’s Tower – the building on the Tor’s summit. I was standing now in the Michael and Mary Line, the Great Dragon Line, the strongest ley line int he country that runs across this land’s southern width from one end to the other. My eyes glazed, and suddenly I saw a vision…

The Dragon Hill Vision

…The archway of the building framed Wearyall Hill in the town below. As my attention was placed upon it I saw that it was the shape of a sleeping dragon. I could make out a head curled in, folded wings on its flanks, and a tail snaking out and around the back of the hill. As I watched, an overlay, a transparent copy of the dragon woke and looked up at me. With a snort it unfolded its wings, stretched and then looked at me again as if waiting for an instruction. I wondered what to do…then I realised. It wanted to fly but had forgotten how, after such a long sleep. I sent back the instruction to it in my mind – “Fly!” I said, “Fly!”. The dragon vision lifted its neck, looked upwards, and then beat its huge wings until it raised itself off the ground.

Cultural images abound - e.g. Smaug

Once airborne it circled quickly around Wearyall Hill, still visible in front of me, and spiralled upwards and towards me. As the great red dragon flew over my head it disappeared. So authentic was this vision that I knew to be a vision, that for a moment I blinked in case it flew into me….then it was gone. There was no dragon now. Wearyall Hill was just a hill.

View of Wearyall 'Dragon' Hill through the tower

I understood, in a way that only true gnosis can reveal, what it was I needed to do for the next eighth part of the year. I needed to “wake the dragon” – whatever that turned out to mean. I had to wake it, then teach it how to fly, because it had been sleeping for so long it had forgotten. Straight away I was getting linkages coming through from my reading and learning: red dragon -> serpent -> male earth energy -> serpent fire -> kundalini -> ‘raising the serpent fire’ -> a hill -> flying -> shamanic flying -> raising consciousness…. the connections kept coming. It would take me a few weeks to contemplate what this might mean exactly for me, but the direction was clear and more powerful than ever before.

I thought that was the most revelatory thing that could have happened to me that day and I was content to know my direction, but the best was yet to come. We descended the hill and headed for the quiet contemplation space that is the Chalice Well Gardens. That was where the pilgrimage was truly fulfilled!


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