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Spring 2015-P5 – Oak Staff of Sherwood

For a while I’ve felt that I needed a staff that is more practical than my too-obvious antlered yew staff. The yew staff was right at the time, and is good for ceremonial occasions, but is impractical, too decorative, and was fashioned by someone else. I felt I needed something more subtle that I can carve […]

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Learning more about “the dress”

In this post I told you about my intuitive push towards buying a dress. I know, it sounds weird to me too. Gosh! However, since Chris and I were out hunting answers at sacred sites, I thought that I  might try and discover more about this departure from the norm. It was approaching mid-day when […]

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Wizards & Goddesses

It is a week away from the Spring Equinox and I was wondering. At our last outing a couple of weeks ago we went to Nine Stones close and I was informed that I would need to have merged with my Energy Double to be able to sustain a meeting with the Ice Dragon. What […]

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