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Spring 2014 – The Earth and Fire Angels

The third elemental angel was found at the end of one of the muddiest walks I have ever done. I think there was barely a moment on the walk when Kal wasn’t complaining – but that’s what you get if you wear inappropriate clothing. This is Cumbria!! We parked at Long Meg stone circle, just north of the village of Little Salkeld. We then walked further along the track past the farmhouse next to the circle. Beyond that the path went into some woodland, but that just seemed to make the mud worse, if that was possible. Some mechanised vehicle with huge tyres had been moving along the track too and had cut deep ruts into the soft earth. The whole path was a sandy pink-coloured loam of squelching earthiness. At least the rain was easing off, and I laughed. We were clearly heading into the domain of the earth angel, and I for one was excited at the prospect of meeting this being at our intended destination – Lacy’s Caves.

Lacys Caves - Salkeld - Spring Equinox 2014 (24) (Large)

The path came back along the River Eden – a wide and impressive river which meandered lazily along the valley floor. The path went back into the woodland and soon we were climbing into sandstone rock, then the caves could be easily found on one of the higher headlands. We were impressed. The caves had been clearly cut out by skilled hands and were beautifully situated with stunning views in both directions along the river. We got to work.

Lacys Caves - Spring Equinox 2014 (3) (Large)

I formed a circle of found stones and drew a make-shift magick circle in the sandy floor of the caves, facing outwards towards the river and the bank opposite. An earthy smell filled the air and I breathed it in deeply, before connecting and expanding my aura once more. I stood with my yew staff and asked for any compatible earth angel to come to me if it wished to work with me. I got not one taker, but two. I used my intuitive sense to discern that one in particular was the one which I could work well with. i thanked the other for its interest, but let the one I wanted come into my magick circle. I got a beautiful sense of connection to the land, and immediately wanted to come back to this place. It felt amazing to be here.

Public art of an Earth Angel in Los Angeles

At that moment the rain outside stopped completely and the sky seemed to lighten a little. There was still no break in the grey-white clouds, but at least there was whiteness now, not pure grey-blackness all around. hen a minor miracle happened. The sun broke out from a slit in the grey-white cloud and it shone a ray of light onto the caves where I was standing!  nearly fell backwards in amazement. If I’d fallen forwards I would have been swimming in the river! I took some photos quickly and then Kal appeared. He asked if I had seen the sun, and mentioned that the coincidence of its appearance happened to match the work he was doing. He suggested that if I wanted to speak to a fire angel, that this might be the best time to do that as it might not last long. I decided that this was a good idea, and got back to work.

Lacys Caves panorama - Spring Equinox 2014 (7) (Large)

The dowsing rods confirmed that this was a suitable place to ask for such a request. I stood in the sunlight with incense burning around me. Then I called for a fire angel to come and join me in my work. Again I got a choice of beings, but only two. One, I felt, was too fierce and flighty. The other was older and more… sure of itself. I felt this was the right one to go with, and so asked it to join with me, which it did.

The Fire Angel – does it brandish a sword like Michael?

My elemental cross of angelic assistants was complete. In the final post I will tell you about a request that I worked to fulfil before I left the caves, and I will also talk a little bit more about the concept of elemental angels.


Spring 2014 – The Air Angel

Spring is here! Well, it’s beginning to feel a bit more spring-like, even if only briefly at the moment. Kal and I went out for the Ostara festival date on Thursday 20th March this year. We had contingency plans due to the weather. The day before had been fine and still. The day after would be the same. Yet Spring Equinox itself was dull, grey, cold and windy. In some ways we cursed our luck, but in others we got to see all four elements in one day. That was the theme of the whole day – elements.

Our first stop was Castlerigg Stone Circle – Cumbria’s jewel in the crown, so to speak. The wind had reached a ripping rate by the time we arrive and dark clouds were threatening rain. Nobody had to tell us that this was going to be a quick visit! Actually, no-one could, because apart from a lady who we helped get her van started, there was no-one else who dared to be out in the open at the circle on this special day. Sensible people? No, they missed out. Let me tell you why.

Castlerigg - Spring Equinox 2014 (4)

Usually we need some cleansing before we start, and we both wandered off to respective power centres. Luckily, the cleansing routine was fast and we soon moved on.

I asked the dowsing rods to find the correct place for me to work and I was taken by a long and winding route to The Sanctuary - a rectangular section within the circle itself. This was not the first time that this place had been identified as the best location for magickal working. My Spirit Guide Ash was invited to assist with the work, and his assistance would form part of the routine that I would use for the rest of this day.

The meditation is fast. I ask what will be coming this year and the response is that I will receive the help of “Elemental Angels” – the first of which will be an air angel. I am shown a clear picture of four forces, four entities, each surrounded by their own specific element. It is a fascinating image, and one that leaves me wanting more. I know that patience is key to this day’s work, so I relax away from the vision and begin to see whether this is the correct place to begin connecting with one of these ‘elemental angels’, as they are defined to me.

Time now to see if I can interact with one of these entities.

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Cornwall Winter 5 – The Piper and The Maidens

I was making the most of the beautiful winter weather – despite all the prognostication from the official weather channels. Tow more delightful sites to visit – one of the Piper Stones, and the accompanying Merry Maidens stone circle.

1. The Pipers standing stones [megalithic]

You can park for the stones in a lay-by on a junction of the B3315 between Porthcurno and Newlyn (at Trewoofe, just above the Lamorna cove).

There are two such stones in the area but I only had time to visit one. As I leapt into the field from the stile nearby I could see the stone standing lonely, the sea close behind it. Apparently it’s an outlier from the Merry Maidens stone circle nearby. That’s quite a distance for an outlier – outliers are usually within a hundred yards or so of the main site. This stone would be visible from the circle but it’s further away than most outliers.

Piper Stone near Merry Maidens

Had it been summer I would have followed the line I found which seemed to head off in the direction of the Merry Maidens circle. Then I could have categorically said that the two were energetically connected. There is every indication that they are, which would reinforce the idea of standing stones being a sort of relay for the subtle energy to be beamed or propelled across the landscape.

When I dowsed the stone from a distance I was surprised at the size of the stone’s aura. The boundary for the stone’s energy radiation was about 120 feet in diameter. Given that I expected low energy levels due to the time of year this was another site that was punching holes in that notion. A notion that I had held for quite a while! You live and learn. Dowsing revealed that the stone is acting as a repeater, directing energy in specific directions according to the faces and edges of the stone, and adding the energy of the place where it was positioned to amplify the subtle energy being transmitted. Seems like Tom Graves’ theory was right.

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Samhain 2013 – Hay Bluff stone circle

The second place we intended to visit on Samhain this year was a newly-designated stone circle on the exposed side of Hay Bluff. Hay Bluff is a beautiful bracken-laden burgeoning hill which rolls gently upwards from Abergavenny until it tilts downward towards its English cousin Hay-On-Wye. As we rose towards the top of the hill we simply had to stop and take some photographs because the vista was so stunning.

The drive up revealed the autumn rust colours of the bracken contrasting beautifully with the remaining greenery. The narrow road gave us a few heart-stopping moments, but on the whole most people were very courteous in letting us past or negotiating a passing place. It was worth the treacherous and tortuous tiny road required to reach the top.

Hay Bluff in autumnal splendour

Hay Bluff in autumnal splendour

A Sad Little Circle

On arrival we found that the exposed ‘circle’ was too windy and wet to do much for any length of time. We had to work quickly. The circle has one standing stone a few feet tall and angled. Other stones are small, buried and often missing. The size of the circle is about ten feet in diameter. It doesn’t dowse as being very strong. No wonder it had gone unrecognised for so long!

My reason for visiting was that I thought we have some work to do here and I want to find out what that was. Were we expected to protect it, put energy into it, clean it up or restore its spirit of place? I got out of  the car and began to dowse despite the howling wind that was causing people around us to pull hoods up tight and shuffle off on their walks with some element of doubt about why they had chosen this day.

The dowsing revealed that we should work to restore the circle’s part in a larger network by inviting back the missing Spirit of Place.

I turned to Kal and explained my findings. He explained his. They were the same! With that kind of independent correlation we knew we had to do something. We split up again and began to work how each of worked best.

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Seeking the Stag on a Blue Moon

August 22nd 2013 – Mitchell’s Fold stone circle, Shropshire.

My quest had been given to me to “seek the stag” and afterwards to “raise the horns of power” when I asked the question at Froggatt Edge. Weeks later at Mitchell’s Fold I wanted to learn more about what that would entail. Luckily we had picked a perfect evening for such a task – a Blue Moon – the kind of full moon that occurs only rarely.

Mitchells Fold - August 2013 (11) (Large)

Mitchell’s Fold stone circle in Shropshire

I was led along a path leading to the eastern side of the circle. I thought that I might be taken through the eastern entrance, but instead I was taken further outside the circle into the marshy hinterland of the northern side. Then onwards, around the edge, about ten feet away from the stones, and moving in a wavy form, until I was back to the eastern side, but this time close to the circle. Then the rods moved inside and I was directed behind the tall stone and to the female stone that I knew and loved – a flat grey familiar stone wide enough to sit on comfortably, and warmed nicely by the sinking sun.

I did my usual protection and connection. Once ready I meditated a while and cleared my head of other thoughts except one simple statement - what information could I learn about the directive to “seek the stag”?

An image began to form in my head. I was running through the wilderness, the undergrowth and low dark branches of a forest in the dim light of twilight. I was running uncontrollably, as though being pursued, yet I didn’t feel any fear. I was simply exerting myself to the maximum, running as fast as I could. Perhaps I had hooves and sported antlers – I couldn’t see myself to know. I felt like I was running with four legs not two, but the overwhelming sensation was one of hurtling past the barriers as they arose. I was untouched. I never hit anything, or fell, or stumbled,. I was running wildly, freely, and naturally.

There was a silent indication that I needed to learn how to induce this state. The feeling went on to insist that once I knew this feeling in a physical and spiritual way – once I could call upon it in a magickal way – then I would raise the H0rns of Power. The horns would grow on my head – they would be like a stag’s weapon.

I asked for more information about the Horns of Power. What was their purpose?

Raising the horns is a defence mechanism. I would be without fear when they were present. I would be able to lock antlers with any criticism, foe or intent which sought to wound me or best me. I would feel like I could match any force sent my way, and do so without fear. Now that’s the kind of tool that any jobbing druid would want in his toolkit!

There was more to come. I had two other questions I wanted to ask at Mitchell’s Fold. Expect more posts to follow.

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Froggatt Edge – Circle of Horny Power

On a hot summer evening after work we drove through the back end of Derbyshire to head for a stone circle that we only rarely visit. The circle (also known as Stoke Flat) stands upon the imposing cliffs of Froggatt Edge. The walk up is delightful through the birch and oak trees, with the sunlight shading your ascent. Even so, we arrived at the bottom of the section used by climbers and our clothes were sodden – the heat was still very strong even getting close to six in the evening.

Froggatt Edge - August 2013 (Canon) (1) (Large)

We stopped for a moment to admire our efforts and the accompanying views. All around us were the scoured and shaped forms of sandstone weathered by the ages, and producing the most incredible features. Almost everyobody we met stopped off to have their picture taken with one of them as a backdrop.

Froggatt Edge - August 2013 (Canon) (13) (Large)

At this time of year finding the Froggatt Edge stone circle isn’t easy. It’s well hidden in the tall ferns, so we were lucky that I remembered the location from a previous visit. I hurried ahead to locate the path and take some pictures before the sun dipped down too far for a good photo. Only the tip fo the tallest stone was visible from the path.

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Mitchells Fold and the balance between East and West

A little hop back in time for this one. It’s out of sequence, but it shows that the preparations undertaken before a Festival date like Lammas are done well in advance, and often with a certain amount of “unknowingness”, at what psychologists might call a subconscious level. I prefer to call this the natural unfoldment of The Path, like the descent of a hill might lead naturally to a stream at the bottom.

Here, then, is my account of some preparation work done before Lammas this year at Mitchell’s Fold stone circle in Shropshire. Having now gone through the Lammas work I can see how useful the preparation was! Hindsight, eh?

Mitchell's Fold - June 2013 2013-06-16 008 (Large)

An Unusual Approach

I rode to the circle on my motorbike as the weather was still fine. We were having a long spell of dryness that was encouraging me to go further and out more often than usual. The track to the circle was fun on a bike! I left my things at the King Stone outlier and then took some photographs.

Mitchell's Fold - June 2013 2013-06-16 001


I used dowsing rods to determine the correct approach to the circle. Unusually, it was from the East – a direction I’ve never come to the circle from before. Was this a signal that something different might be about to happen here?

Mitchells Fold - Spyglass reading

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