Ancient Sites | Dragons

Circle of Dragons and Druids

After my experience getting to know my spirit guide at Penmaenawr‘s famous Druid’s Circle I met up once more with Kal who had been off having his own adventures, as usual. It seems that whenever we come to this sacred stone circle there are revelations, ruminations and investigations aplenty. It never fails to deliver something […]

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Energy grid | Theory

Energy Attractors and Disruptors

I was working at The Druid’s Circle above Penmaenmawr in North Wales, and Kal was there too. The twilight hours were upon us. I had only one directive this evening, and that was to find out more about my work with my spirit guide Ash. We have a mutual relationship. I know from a tarot reading that […]

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Ancestors | Theory

The concept of renown

Last year I went to Ireland based on the idea that I was going in search of renown. I don’t think I properly explained that idea, so in the hope of making  the motivation behind those episodes a little clearer I want to discuss what I have come to think about the idea of “renown”. The original […]

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Ancient Sites | Energy work

Circling in El Romeral

In the second part of the day spent visiting the megalithic sites of Antequera in Spain we travelled the mile or so down the main road out of town heading towards the dominant feature in the landscape – the mountain of La Pena. We drove into what can only be described as an industrial estate, […]

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The effects of mobile phones

For a while I have been thinking about a quaint and seemingly incidental finding that I registered with my dowsing rods when visiting a stone circle once. The stone circle was close by to a telecommunications mast and this got me thinking about the effects on the subtle energy field of a human being from […]

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Ancient Sites | Experiment

Scotch Mist and Scotching Myths

Oh blimey! We’re so far behind with our posts. Here’s one from the early part of June that I’ve just got around to. It’s the second part of the story of our Wales visit during the Venus Transit early in the month. I think I put “Mid June” at the start of the last post, but actually […]

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