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Funny, what comes around

I was having coffee with my nephew the other day and he tells me of a post that I had put on Facebook recently. It was regarding a book that I had just purchased…Masnavi by Rumi. It shouldn’t be a surprise to readers here. As you know, the signs have been leading me in the […]

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Life tumbles on OR Forty Rules of Love

As you may know, one of the requirements of this wand that I am forging is a gift from the author Elif Shafak. Why you may ask, So have I. In fact I have no idea. I came across a Turkish saying the other day… “Divine guidance is to bring a man to perplexity” Seems quite […]

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Whirling with the Dervishes p2

In part one of this post I wrote how I had spent the evening and early hours in the company of some amazing Sufi’s. We sang, we chanted, we cleansed our hearts and purified our souls (whatever that means). Five hours of practicing some amazing Zikr had left me tired and yet refreshed. But the […]

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The Meaning of Life

Have I done a post with that title before? Well, it deserves a few more and considering my recent heart challenge I think now is a good time to shoot of another arrow at the above question. If you missed my posts on my HC then here is a link to them. It’s been two […]

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